Georgie beegins something new...


Okay, I figured out what to do about my Editor’s demands that I find a way to get everybody in the Swarm to start beelieving the News again. I was glad it didn’t take me long (I only need about a day or two to figure out anything. I'm very efficient, as we all know, mostly), aren’t you? I thought you would bee.

As we all know, the “
Bee Times Gazette Journal Record…and Online News” has been in buzziness, serving the Swarm’s Informational Needs, mostly, for as long as anybody can remember, which nobody can, especially me.

My Editor’s still highly upset over the fact that nobody trusts the
BTGJR…AON right now, but quite frankly, if you’re a regular subscriber to that thing, you understand that it’s not a fun thing to read, it’s in super small print, and it usually gets only about half the story right, probably.

It’s not going out of buzziness, though. They’re just not gonna publish anymore issues until, as my Editor put it, “our Beeloved Readers come to their senses”. Whatever.

In the meantime, I’m sure everybody’s going to respond favourably to something I’ve managed to throw together for everybody in the Swarm - and for my Beeps (if you’re interested). It’s a Weekly News & Information Thingy, which my Editor says he’ll start publishing tomorrow.

We’re calling this Thing, “
Life in the Stump”, and it will contain the dependably and mostly accurate News and Information of the Day. It’s gonna come out every Thursday. I’m absolutely certain that there’s a excellently marginal good chance that everybody’s gonna love it. And with the low, low Seasonal Subscription Rate of just 0.187 pounds of honey per issue, I’m pretty sure I’m gonna make a lot of honey off this Thing.

“We’d better,” my Editor told me when I gave him the First Issue. “Or Else.”


So…bee sure to check back tomorrow, either here or on my Website, for that.

Okay then. Let’s bee careful out there.