A Possible Sighting!

UPDATE / 5.08.21 :

It seems there may have been a
Georgie Sighting at some point last week. This Sighting has taken the form of an Inexcusably Vague Photo taken by an Unidentified Bee who beelieves she may have spotted Georgie talking to two other, Unidentified Bees. Sadly, due to an unusually Thick Fog at the time the Photo was taken, she could not hear the Conversation, and is only 87% certain one of the Bees in the Photo could bee Georgie.

“I think it’s him,” she wrote in her Report. “I mean, that Fog was Intensely Thick, ya' know? It was real Pea Soup, and it was almost impossible to even see your Wing in front of your Face. But those look like his Shoes, so, maybee it’s him. I dunno. I can’t bee sure.”


There have now been

Sightings of Georgie Bee's
Whereabouts or Whatabouts.

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