Georgie Slims Down - and ButterCup comes to a Decision...


I’m Highly Happy to report that, thanks to my Extremely High Metabolism and my Decision to stop doing ButterCup’s Water Diet and going back to enjoying my Questionable Nutritional Choices, my weight is completely back to normal, mostly, and I’m in a much, much better Mood (I think we all know that extra Water Weight makes everybody feel kind of Cranky, don’t we? I know I do - just go ask ButterCup if you don’t beelieve me), so that’s good.

“You’re beeginning to look better, Georgie,” ButterCup told me just the other day. “That Water Diet has worked Wonders for what’s left of your Physique, hasn’t it? And you seem to bee in a much, much better Mood.”

What could I say?

“I am in a much, much better Mood,” I said, “But what’s worked Wonders for me is my NOT doing that Water Diet of yours anymore,” I said.
“Excuse me?” ButterCup seemed Confused.
“I had to stop that Water Diet, and go back to eating and drinking significantly more Tasty things,” I told her.

She just kind of looked at me, said, “Fine.” Then she went into the ShoeBox Sitting Room and just sat there looking kind of Upset. Finally, about 87 minutes later, ButterCup stood up, looked at me, slapped her Wings together.

“In light of your Apparent Unwillingness to stick with a Proven Diet,” she said, “I can only hope that you won’t end up Choking to Death on a Pollen Puff. Far bee it from me to force you to bee more Healthy, so go ahead and eat whatever it is you want to eat. I’m not about to stop you.”

What a Relief that was to hear. I’m glad I finally have ButterCup’s Blessing to eat and drink whatever the Hell I feel like eating or drinking.

“Well that’s a real Load off,” I told her. “I was worried you wouldn’t see it my way, but I’m glad you finally do.”

ButterCup just shook her head and started walking toward the Kitchen, then she stopped and turned around.

“By the way,” she buzzed, “I have come to a Major Decision.”

“And what Decision is that?” I had to know.

“You and I are going to bee expanding our Social Circle. Beginning this Sunday, and every Sunday after that, we will bee opening our Shared Home to some Dinner Guests.”

“Dinner Guests?” I asked.

“Yes, Dinner Guests,” she said

“Who are we inviting to bee Dinner Guests?” I asked.

“Everyone we know who didn’t join the Queen’s Space Programme and who are still here, that’s who,” she said.

“I don’t want to get into any arguments over this, but quite frankly, this ShoeBox is not large enough to hold that many Dinner Guests. It would bee beeyond Uncomfortable. Beesides, our Dinner Table only seats six Bees. So…,” I said.

“So…,” ButterCup interrupted me, “we will not bee inviting everybody at the same time. We will invite four bees to join us. You will invite two Bees, and I will invite two Bees, and the six of us will enjoy a Delightful Dining Experience together. I have already invited my Sister, Tweak, and her Boyfriend, P.C. Bee. As soon as you Decide on the two Bees you wish to invite to bee our Dinner Guests, you and I will sit down together and plan the Menu.”

“Fine,” I said.

It was pretty easy for me to decide which bees I wanted to invite to our first Sunday Dinner - Great Grandma Gee Gee, and of course, my Illegitimate Nephew, Kevin, since I know they’d not only bee very Entertaining Dinner Guests, but that Great Grandma Gee Gee would for sure bring a Huge Bunch of her Delicious and Mostly Nutritious HoneyChew Krisp Cookies™, probably.

Of course, all this means that I have to go out and pick up a case of Bendy Straws and Festive Beverage Umbrellas. I’ve heard they’re On Sale at Bees ‘R Us. We simply cannot have a Dining Experience without Umbrellas and Bendy Straws for everybody.

Anyway, this afternoon, ButterCup and I are going to sit down and figure out the Menu for Sunday Dinner. I seriously hope she’s not planning on serving any more of those Organic Single-Serving HoneyCakes like she gave me on my Birthday. And I’m also hoping that maybee I can get her to UnInvite Tweak’s Boyfriend. Everybody knows that P.C. Bee is downright Toxic, and he’s Most Certainly not a lot of fun at Dinner Parties. Trust me. I know.

Well, I hear ButterCup buzzing at me to stop Loafing and come and help her with something. So I’m gonna go do that.


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