Has Georgie Finally Been Spotted?

UPDATE / 5.21.21 :

According to a Marginally Reliable Source, Georgie Bee may have been spotted recently in a Swarm that was waiting to have their Cases heard in the Royal Small Claims Court.


“It was pretty crowded, there were at least 25 bees waiting for their Cases to bee heard, and they were moving around a lot, but I’m pretty sure I saw Georgie somewhere toward the middle of the Swarm, though I can’t say for sure that was actually Georgie. If it was, he looked Highly Aggravated.”

Since there is about a
1 in 25 chance that the bee reporting this Sighting may have been Accurate in his Report, we can say with Relatively Questionable Confidence that there have now been

Possible Sightings of Georgie Bee's
Whereabouts or Whatabouts.

Please bee sure to keep checking this
Mostly-Regularly Updated Page
for future Reports of
Reported Sightings.

Thank you.