Georgie's Under House Arrest...


Just in case I haven't talked to you since last Week, I'm just gonna guess that you're as Curious as everybody else has been about me and what's up with this whole  Beeing Under Arrest Thing, right? I thought so. Let me just say this about that: I was Unjustly Accused, and the actual Culprits are still running around, free as a bee.

So here's what Actually Happened:

When I arrived at what is now known as the "Buzz Back Against Extinction" Rally, Rudy Bee spotted me and hustled me onto the Stage so I could give a Speech (even if I really didn't have even Tiny Clue about what I was gonna say, I had to give a Speech). After a few Minutes, Rudy (who was also the M.C.) walked to the Front of the Stage and said, "Excuth me, if I could pleath have the Attention of the Thwarm," (the Swarm started quieting down, except for a few Less Considerate bees who kept Buzzing - you know the type). He continued, "I would like to introduth our Thpecial Guetht Thpeaker, the Bee who brought to our Attenthion the Theriouth Matter of Exthincthion, our own Georgie Bee!"

Then he pointed his Wing at me which I figured meant I was supposed to take his Place at the Front of the Stage and to start making a Speech about what I still didn't know.

As I stood there on Stage looking over the Swarm, I was still wondering what the hell I was even gonna say. Suddently, I noticed that there was a group of Bees in the Swarm that were all wearing Orange Hats, who were waving huge Orange Banners, and who had been passing out Free Merch (pens, cups, Stinger Cozies, and those cool Flying Disc Thingies) that featured the Logo of one of the Rally's Co-Sponsors, SquareDown™.  (I really wanted one of the Stinger Cozies, but those got snatched up almost immediately.) 

I only recognised a couple of the Bees in that group - Narville, Chaz, and Felonie Snark to bee Precise. Right away I knew I had to bee Highly Careful about what I would say - Or Else.  I took a few seconds to Gather my Thoughts, then I just started Winging it.  

"I see that we have some Bees in the Swarm today who are Displaying Merch with the SquareDown™ Logo," I said. "I'm gonna Assume that they're Joking, since we all know that when it comes to some of us beeing Extinct, SquareDown™ will bee partly to Blame. They even Admit it with their Slogan: 'SquareDown™: the Toxic Liquid in the Handy, Non-Reusable, Non-Recylable, Festive Orange Plastic Tub.' If any of us ends up beeing Extinct, we'll bee able to partly Thank whoever it is that is still making that Stuff. The Royal Court has even said that stuff is Poison to us, but have they stopped Selling it? No, they haven't. The Sad Fact is that you can go into Bees'R'Us or King-Queen-Jack Hardware Store, and there it is, still on the Shelves. It's Extinction in a Handy Orange Tub." Then just for a touch of Drama, I added, "That should bee a Crime. "

Of course, as soon as I said that, the Swarm beegan to Buzz very Loudly, and a Scuffle broke out. I suddenly Remembered that SquareDown™ was not only a Co-Sponsor of the Rally, but that it's Manufactured and Distributed by the Noxious Chemical Division of Snark Brothers Enterprises which just happens to bee run by Felonie Snark (Kevin, my Illegitimate Nephew's Estranged Sister). An Angry Fight broke out in the Swarm beetween the Pro-SquareDown™ and the Anti-SquareDown™ bees. I was starting to feel very Confused in the Confusion, but the next thing I knew, I felt Rudy pulling on my Wing and heard him shouting, "We mutht get you to Thafety and away from thith Angry Thwarm!" 

He had just about pulled me off the Stage and to Safety when I felt somebody else grab my other Wing. I heard them buzz in an Authoritative Buzz, "You're Under Arrest, Bee. Come with us."
Rudy kept pulling on my other wing and asked, "What are the Chargeth?"
"Inciting a Riot," some other voice said. "He has to come with us."

Rudy kept trying to pull on my Wing while the Arresting Officers were pulling on my Other Wing. I was mostly sure that if they kept that up, they would end up pulling my Wings off - and who wants that? Not me. I told Rudy, "Just let go. We'll sort this out in Court." So he did that.

To make a short story longer, I was Involuntarily taken away from the Rally by the Arresting Officers (who I couldn't help but Notice were wearing Orange Uniforms that had the SquareDown™ Logo on them). I was taken to the Royal Detention Facility, and after beeing Wing-Printed and Photographed, I was Arraigned. I was placed under House Arrest - pending Trial - and had a Highly Uncomfortable Ankle Monitor stuck on my Leg. Also, ss a part of my Pre-Trial Pre-Conviction Pre-Sentencing Sentence, I was Ordered to show up every Saturday and Sunday to the  Snark Brothers Enterprises Headquarters Conference Room (you know - the one with the Hugely Long Blackboard which I can only guess they use for Brainstorming Sessions), and that I had to spend the entire weekend writing over and over again, "I'm sorry I caused a Riot by Impugning the Mostly Good Name of the Fine Product, SquareDown™, and for Indulging in Undue Criticism of a Legitimate Environmentally Disastrous Product. I'll Never Do It Again - Or Else". (Of course, I decided to add the word "probably" beetween "I'll" and "Never", but nobody has seemed to notice that. Yet. 

So that's what I did last Weekend. I don't have to tell you that I was more than Happy when Monday - truly the Best Day of the Week - finally arrived. By the time Sunday Night rolled around, my Wing and Back were killing me from just standing there writing on that Blackboard (which, by the way, wasn't Black - it was more of a Neutral, Greyish-Green colour), so I was glad to bee able to  just go home to my ShoeBox, stretch out, get out of these Shoes, and just Enjoy beeing under House Arrest. 

When I got back home, Potato was sitting there, waiting for me. 
"I heard what happened at the Rally," she said. "Do  you need to Talk about it? I'm here if you do."
"Thanks," I told her, "but I just wanna grab a Snack and go to the Bathroom... you wouldn't beelieve how long I've been Holding It."
"TMI," Potato said. 

Anyway, until my Trial is scheduled, I'll bee Enjoying my Days under House Arrest.  Even if it means that I have to deal with that whole thing with the Blackboard on the Weekends, I'm not all that Upset about most of this Legal Stuff. Quite frankly, and to bee totally Honest, mostly, I'll finally have the Opportunity to Indulge in some UnInterrupted Streaming, and to catch up on my Stories. 

So I'm gonna go do that. 


Oh No! Georgie's been Arrested!


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A Political Rally???


There are probably Ninety-Eleven Reasons I should just take the Afternoon Off, but Unfortunately, instead of beeing able to spend the rest of the Day Streaming my Stories, I found out that I am Required to bee at what’s supposed to bee a Mostly Non-Violent Rally protesting this whole Buzziness about going Extinct. And what’s even more Unusual is that I’m supposed to bee the Featured Guest Speaker. (I heard the Organisers of this Rally are charging an Entry Fee for anyone wanting to Participate…but am I getting any of that Honey? No, I’m not. I have Half a Mind to just not go. The other Half of my Mind says I should, just beecause it’s absolutely, without any Question at all, the Right Thing to Do. And as you know, I always want to Do the Right Thing, sometimes quite often, usually.)

Rudy Bee, the Rally’s Organiser, told me to bee ready to Speak about not only what a Total Drag it would bee if we Bees were to go Extinct, but also that it would bee good if I mention the Reasons we might bee going Extinct.

“Ith’s Important that everybody know the Reathonth we might bee going Ekthink and that you point your Wing thtrait at the Perpetratorth,” he said (and I think his Lisp is getting just a little bit Better - I know he’s been Working on it), “and I think we both know Who it ith that I’m Referring To.”

Of course, I was pretty mostly sure that he was talking about the Humans who manufacture Noxious Compounds such as Square Down™, “The Stinky Awful Stuff That Kills Everything it Touches”™. My Problem is, though, that if I stand up in Front of Everybody like that and start quoting a bunch of Facts about how Awful and Deadly that Stuff really is, and start Buzzing about how that’s one of the Reasons we might end up going Extinct, probably, I could get Sued, probably.

Seriously now, I don’t wanna’ get Sued just for standing up there and sharing Facts to Accuse them of Contributing to us Bees going Extinct, if you know what I mean.

Actually, the more I think about it, I’m thinking that’s the Reason Rudy made me sign a Waiver of Liability after I agreed to Speak, so that if I get Sued, at least he won’t bee, which he Informed me is a good thing, mostly.

Anyway, the Rally starts in about 87 Minutes or so, so I can’t Hang Out very much longer, but I did want you to Know that if you’re Interested in Joining the Rally, you’re for sure Invited. It would bee Great to See you there!

Oh, and in case you didn’t get the Announcement, the Rally is Scheduled to take place this Afternoon, and will Beegin promptly at approximately 3 or 4 O’Clock. Everybody will bee Swarming near the Brick that’s Adjacent to the Rusted Bean Can, and next to the Plastic Bag in the Far Meadow, if it’s still there (I’m pretty sure we all know where that is). I hope you can make it; in the Meantime, I hafta’ get back to Working on my Speech.

So I’m gonna go do that.


Georgie Returns Kevin's Books, etc...


Ohkay, so I finally Forced myself to finish Reading Victor Q. Frankly’s Four-Volume Forward-Thinking Forecasts in his difficult to Finish “The Mechanics of Extinction”. As boring as it was, I hafta’ say that it doesn’t do much to make me feel any better about maybee going Extinct. I even tried to finish doing that WorkSheet (“The Upside of Extinction) that Kevin (my Illegitimate Nephew) gave me, and about the only thing I could come up with was that if I go Extinct, at least I won’t hafta’ pay Taxes anymore, probably, and that I won’t hafta’ ever worry again about finding an Affordable Pair of Shoes that actually Fit.
But that was it.
That was all I could come up with, beecause every time I started Thinking Seriously about no longer Beeing Here, I’d start to Think about all the Stuff I’d miss, starting with Great Grandma Gee Gee’s delicious and mostly nutritious Royal HoneyChew Cookies™, and of course Picnics. If I go Extinct, I’d really miss Picnics. Unfortunately, we’re in That Time of Year that there aren’t so many Picnics which, I suppose if you think about it, makes you feel as if you’ve already gone Extinct even though you haven’t, doesn’t it?

After I finished all that Reading and did as much as I could with the Worksheet, I gathered that up along with the Four-Volume Edition of “The Mechanics of Extinction”, and Returned it to Kevin.

“So tell me, Uncle: what did you Think about Frankly’s Frank Forecasts in Volume Four?” Kevin asked me as I was Struggling to make it through his Door with all that Heavy Reading Material (the Worksheet didn’t weigh all that much, but the Volumes almost broke my Back…I’m pretty sure each one weighed at least 15 Grams which I think is about how much a Walnut weighs which means the Whole Set weighed about 60 Grams. I mean seriously now, I’m trying not to Drop everything and Kevin is trying to Engage me in some sort of Involved Discussion about the Material? I think that’s almost Rude, but beefore I could bee Rude back at him, I felt the Volumes starting to slide out of my Wings, and all I could say was, “Kevin, I don’t think I can Support all this Reading Material.”

I think Kevin misunderstood what the hell I was trying to say, and he said, “Uncle Georgie, you’re the best Uncle in the World, and I Love you, but it’s my Considered Opinion that your clearly stated Rejection of Frankly’s Work - not to mention your Failure to Finish the Worksheet - leads me to Suspect that you only Skimmed these Volumes, and that maybee you’re Subconsciously trying to Ignore the Facts Frankly Forwarded. You’re in Denial.”

“I’m not in Denial, Kevin,” I told him. “I just need to Put these Volumes Down!”

“Again,” Kevin said in what sounded like an insulted Buzz, “you have openly Disparaged Frankly’s Forecasts, and I think you should STOP Putting Down his Work, and I…”

“Let me just Stop you There,” I said, “I’m trying to tell you that this Material is Heavy, and I can’t Support it anymore!”

“Uncle, we both know that Frankly’s writing is, quite frankly, Dry and Complex, but I have Faith that if you would just take this Material back to your ShoeBox and really Read it Carefully, you will discover that…”.

Well just then, I felt my Back totally Giving Out just as the Volumes started to completely Slide out of my Wings, and I ended up Dropping everything. After all the Thumping sounds stopped, there were a few Milliseconds of total Silence. Kevin looked at me, and I looked at Kevin, and then he said, “Uncle, just beecause you find this Material too Heavy to get through does not mean you should Throw it Around. I mean that of Beehaviour is truly beeneath you, Uncle.”

I could tell that Kevin wasn’t necessarily Understanding what was going on, exactly, but I was in no Mood to try to clear up his Confusion, so I just said, “Fine.” Then I left.

Is it just me, or does it seem lately as if it’s getting more Difficult to Communicate with everybody else without somebody saying something somebody else mostly misunderstood? I mean, have you Noticed that at all, also as well, or not?

What were we Talking About? Oh yeah… Extinction.

Anyway, by the time I Left Kevin’s BootBox, there was no Question that I had not only Inadvertently Insulted Kevin, but I had also badly Strained my Wings, which meant that I had to Walk back to my ShoeBox instead of Flying.
After I got back Home, Potato Noticed that I was in Distress, and was Kind enough to fix me something to Soak my Wings in. For the next 3 hours and 89 seconds, I Soaked my Wings in a Soothing Cup of Room-Temperature Coconut Water - and I did that instead of doing what I really wanted to do which was to just Forget about all this Extinction Buzziness and go out for some Mindlessly Relaxing Window-Screen Bouncing (I’m sure we all know how Therapeutically Beneficial Screen-Bouncing can bee, right?) But I had to wait until my Wings were all Healed. Which they finally are, mostly.

You know, I just noticed that it’s a Reasonably Nice Cool Season Day out, and there’s not a whole bunch of Wind, which makes this a Perfect Day for Screen-Bouncing.

So I’m gonna’ go do that.


Georgie Tries to Find the Upside to Going Extinct


Oh sorry... I Dozed Off there for awhile - I even Slept through Monday, the Best Day of the Week. How Disappointing is that?


The last thing I Remember is that I was almost done mostly Studying some Highly Informative Scientific Editorial Material dealing with this whole Issue of my beecoming Extinct that my Illegitimate Nephew, Kevin, gave to me to Read. The last thing I wanna do is to Beat a Dead Horse over this whole Extinction thing (I'm not Large enough to do that anyway...have you ever compared the size of an apparently Soon-to-Bee-Extinct Honeybee with a Horse? Horses are Huge and Bees are Significantly Less Huge, so for anybody to run around Thinking that a Bee could effectively Beat a Dead Horse would bee a Huge Mistake. Oh sure, we can annoy them, and sometimes even Sting them - but who wants to commit Suicide like that? Not me…), but I think it's Highly Important to try to Understand the Reasons, if there are any, that someone like me would go Extinct.

The first thing Kevin gave me was a Worksheet that I was supposed to Fill Out - "The Upside of Extinction". I’m supposed to List all the Good Things about Going Extinct, but he told me not to try to Fill it Out until I'd finished Reading the Four-Volume, 8789-Page, Partially UnRedacted, Mid-March, 2023 Edition of "The Mechanics of Extinction" by the Mostly-Respected Editorial Scientist, Victor Q. Frankly, so I told him I wouldn't, and started doing that instead.  

I hafta' say that it's been a real Chore to hafta' get through Frankly's quite frankly frank Foundational Facts he Forwards in the First Three Volumes, but I got through them, and even though it was Intensely Late (Potato was At Me to just go to Bed and finish it later), I started Reading Volume IV: Forward-Thinking Forecasts, where (as I mentioned beefore) Frankly is quite Frank about my Odds of Surviving. Or Not Surviving. I was just about to get to the Good Part when I got to the point I couldn't keep my Compound Eyes open, and I fell asleep. I slept all the way through Monday and Tuesday (I was Highly Tired from Reading Frankly’s Dry Material, as I’m sure you can Imagine).

So when I Woke Up just now, I realised I still have the last Half of Volume IV to finish beefore I can finally bee Frank with myself as I try Listing all the Good Things about going Extinct on that Worksheet Kevin gave me, if there are any (I'm not sure there are, but I'm Mostly Excited to finish Reading Volume IV and, quite Frankly, to find out what the hell the Upside of Going Extinct is or are). 

So I need to go do that.


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