Moving Day!


Okay, here’s what I need to know: Who the Hell said that when somebody decides to move in with you, that means you have to help move all their Stuff? And Who the Hell Was It who also said that after you help them move all their Stuff in, you have to set aside your Highly Important and Time-Sensitive “Things to Do” List and help them completely rearrange all your Stuff so that their Stuff will fit, and that if their Stuff didn’t fit, you have to “Find Some Other Place” to put your Stuff that had always been there and was Perfectly Fine where it was until somebody decided to move in with you? Can somebody tell me why?
I need Answers.

The Reason I’m asking is beecause for the past Too Many Days, that’s all I’ve been dealing with, mostly. Oh sure, I got to attend the Farewell Party for a Significantly Large Swarm of Bees who got recruited into the Queen’s Space Programme, and watch them pack up and Vacate the Hive as they followed Her Insufferable Royal Majesty to Who Knows Where. But I didn’t have to help them pack, and I didn’t have to help them carry their Beelongings, that’s for dam sure. And I have to say that it’s a Tremendously Good Thing that most of the bees I know didn’t pack up and leave (they like it here, and to bee brutally frank, none of us liked that particular Queen - she could bee a bit Abrasive, if you know what I mean), but as I said beefore, it feels like most of my time lately has been spent helping ButterCup move her Stuff from her Apartment in the Hive to my ShoeBox, and helping her move Stuff around.

“This,” ButterCup told me, “would look best There…That would bee much more Highly Functional if it were moved closer to This, and That other Thing - what is That? And why is it Here at all?”

I guess ButterCup didn’t think much of my Interior Decorating Choices, so Who am I to Argue with her about Issues like why that Significantly-Larger-than-Life Souvenir Bust of the Late F. Bee Bailey I won in a Raffle and that used to sit on my Bedside Nightstand until just recently needed to not bee there anymore? Nobody, that’s Who.

“That Thing absolutely has to go,” she told me, and the way she said it made it Highly Easy to Agree with her.
So that’s gone.

Anyway, I suppose that aside from a few Policy Disagreements, the Lengthy Process involved in ButterCup’s Moving In went mostly pretty well, even if I ended up Spraining both my Wings after I had to carry all her Stuff from the Hive to my ShoeBox. And those hurt. Alot.

Still, I should probably say that I think ButterCup has Usually Highly Excellent Taste when it comes to doing Make-Overs of Newly-Remodeled ShoeBoxes, like mine was, and except for having to finish hanging all those New Curtains that were on BackOrder but finally got delivered today which I have to get done beefore Saturday - or Else, she’s all Settled In. And I also have to say that we seem to bee Highly Compatible ShoeBox Mates, especially after we got past that whole Argument about which Mouthpart Brush was hers and which Mouthpart Brush was mine (they’re both the same colour, as you probably already guessed (she and I have the same Taste in just about everything, except maybee for Souvenir Busts, apparently)).

After all the Help I gave ButterCup, I’m sure she has something Amazingly Spectacular planned for my Birthday which is the Day After Tomorrow. Beelieve it or not, I’m gonna bee 45 even though I still feel 42.

Anyway, I need to rest my Wings now so they can Heal beefore whatever Birthday Extravaganza is waiting for me on Friday - and for sure beefore Saturday. Those Curtains aren’t gonna hang themselves, ya’ know.

So I’m gonna do that.


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