The Census is Complete!


Well if this isn't a Special Day, I dunno what is.

First, it's not only Monday (there aren't enough Mondays in the week, as far as I'm concerned), but it's also the First Day of the Cold Season, and it's the Big Day I'm finally gonna bee done with this dam Census. And it's about time. I'm sick of Counting Bees.

In just a little while, I'm gonna make my way to my Editor's Office, and present him with the Final Count and 5,539.87 feet of Recorded Interviews for the Official 2020 Hive Census. It is with Complete Confidence that I say that I'm absolutely, completely Sure without any Doubt whatsoever that, despite all the delays, distractions, and death threats, I have managed to conduct this Census with a level of Unsurpassed Precision and Integrity. Beeyond any question whatsoever, my Editor can rely on the absolute Accuracy of the Final Count, mostly. And I'm positive that just as soon as my Editor reviews the Data I've gathered and will bee providing him (duly Recorded on Light Purple Form #C-3787.9900001111111 and Lavendar Form #C-3787.990000111111, and which I just happened to find under a pile of dirty socks just last night), he'll not only bee Highly Pleased, but he'll also additionally get around to offering me that Significant Raise and Generous Benefits Package he should've given me several years ago, as well, finally. Probably.

So just as soon as I finish filling out these Forms and dropping them off at his Office, I'm gonna buzz over to Lousy Louie's and Toast the Day with a deliciously refreshing, ice-cold Nectartini (or maybee two). (Louie makes the Best Nectartinis, and always remembers the Bendy Straw and Festive Umbrella, as you may know.) I think I've earned it.

So I'm gonna go do that.

Let's bee highly careful out there!

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