Fleur de Bee has Arrived...with an Associate


So you probably already know that Fleur de Bee (French
Counter-Espionage Agent) arrived here several days ago, and you probably also remember that Potato and I had cleaned up the Extra Bedroom in the ShoeBox so she could stay here, with us, during her Short Visit.

As it turns out, she had other plans. And as it turns out, Fleur wasn’t planning just a Short Visit. When we went to meet her at the WTF Airlines Baggage Claim, it was easy to see that she packed for an Extended Stay - and, as it turns out, she wasn’t Alone when she got here. She brought a Friend - or, who, as I found out later, was a fellow Agent who came here to work on a Highly Confidential UnderCover Operation involving an Investigation into some Questionable Dealings in the International Nectar Market involving some Foul Play by the Snark Brothers which he told me to say Nothing about to Anybody, so I won’t).

As we were Dealing with all their Luggage, I extended the Invitation to Fleur - and her Associate - to stay in our Extra Bedroom during their Visit.

“Oh Zank you zo much, Georgie, Mon Cher. Zat is zo Kind of you, but ve do not vant to Intrude,” Fleur said in that Cute little French Buzz of hers. “For me, zis iz a Buzziness Trip, zo ve can Deduct ze Expense of all zis, but again, zank you anyway, Georgie.”

“Fine,” I said. I tried my best to Hide my Disappointment.

Then she said, “But beefore my Associate and I Check In to ze Luxury Suite at ze Five Seasons Hotel, I must Introduce you to my Associate.”

That’s when another Bee who looked like just about every other Bee anybody’s ever seen suddenly appeared. He was carrying a Briefcase, but set it down while he stuck out his Wing and said, “Bon Jour. I am pleased to bee meeting you. My name ez Francois Nestoreau LaFete - but my friends just call me Nestor.”

I shook his Wing and told him it was nice to meet him, mostly. Since I didn’t know at the time that he was actually an Agent working under an Assumed Identity, I asked him why the hell he’d come along with Fleur and messed up the Visit we’d planned to enjoy with her.

“Oh, Oui, of course you haf ze Curiosity about me,” he said. “Quite zimply I am ze Buzzinessbee here to meet wis ze Suppliers for my Company in Nice,” he said.

“Oh, that’s Nice,” I said.

“No,” he said, “Nice.”

“Whatever,” I said. (As I found out later, it was all a lie anyway, so it didn’t matter.) “So what Buzziness are you in?” I had to know.

“Nectar,” Nestor said (which also turned out to bee a Lie). “I am here to Negotiate a Contract wis a Group of Investors beefore I must zen Return to Nice.”

“Nice,” I said.

“No, Nice,” he said.

“Whatever,” I said (the Language Barrier was really beeginning to get on my Nerves).

Anyway, Fleur collected all her Luggage, and she and Nestor started to leave to Check In to their All-Expenses-Paid Luxury Suite at the Five Seasons. Beefore they left, though, I told them I’d like to take them both to Lousy Louie’s (who I mentioned was my Illegitimate Nephew, Kevin’s, Estranged Sister and my Alleged Niece, Felonie Snark’s place) for some Nectar Fizzes and a Large Order of Honey-Glazed Pollen Puffs - if their Schedule allowed.

“Zank you for ze Invitation. Zat would bee zo Nice,” Nestor said, “and perhaps we could meet your Niece.”

“I suppose,” I said, though at the time, I didn’t know why Nestor would find it so Nice to meet my Alleged Niece.

It was about Three Days Later that Fleur and Nestor finally accepted my Invitation to meet at Lousy Louie’s. That’s when I started finding out more about what the hell Nestor and Fleur were really up to…which I’ll tell you about later, beecause right now, I gotta go find a Bathroom.


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