The New Cool Season is Here!

Monday Morning Georgie-2023

I should probably tell you that the best thing about my Weekend was the fact that I knew it would eventually bee Over and that Monday would finally Arrive. I'm glad I haven't been Disappointed. And this is a Special Monday beecause it’s the First Monday of the New Cool Season, which is why I got up so Early this Morning. I don’t want to miss a Minute of this Monday.

As you probably Know, Saturday was the Annual End of the Hot Season Welcome to the New Cool Season HoneyBall which the Hive does every Year, which is why we call it the ANNUAL End of the Hot Season Welcome to the New Cool Season HoneyBall. But what I'm mostly sure you Don't Know is that the Mood of this year's HoneyBall was anything but Festive - and that's beecause of that Rumour going around that I - and Everybody I Know in the Hive - may bee going Extinct. I mean seriously now, is there any better way to Screw Up an otherwise Festive Event than with a bunch of Rumours going around that this could possibly bee the Last HoneyBall, and that by Monday a year from now, we would all Cease to Exist?  

Oh sure, everybody was all Dressed Up and ready to Get Down to the Sounds of Ultra Violet on her Ukelele and, of course, Zambeezi who had just started up his new Band, Zambeezi and the Beezietes, but beetween Songs, everybody would start Bumming Out about this whole Matter regarding all of us Ceasing to Exist.

It wasn't until Fleur de Bee showed up with her Date, Nestor ("we're just zee Cordial Professional Associates, mon ami", she told me, which everybody was Relieved to hear, especially Lester, but we won't get into that), and she Noticed that just about everybody was feeling Bummed Out instead of Festive, that she went up on Stage with Ultra Violet and Zambeezi (which really upset Rudy Bee - the one who put the whole HoneyBall together and who said, "If you're not part of the performing acth, you mutht thtay off the Thtage", but she Ignored him and Did It anyway) and told everybody,
"I, too, have heard ze Rumours zat we all may bee Extinct by zis time next year, and I know zis ees why you are all do I zay eet?...BummEd Out. But I, zpeaking az an Agent for ze Uneet d'Counter-Ezpionage Francais, I can geeve to you ze assurauncez zat zis Rumour cannot bee true."

When she said that, there was a loud buzzing from everybody in Room, and a lot of "what's she talking about?", and "what does she know that we don't?" beeing buzzed back and forth, but Fleur just lifted her wings to Quiet everybody Down, and said, "We have it on zee Good Faith zat ze Humans are beecoming more Aware of zis Zituation and zat zey will bee more Careful about making sure zat zee Hive will Survive - even if we here in zis Room Don't. Zo, let us Forget zis buzziness about zee beeing Extinct. Zis is not an Extinction Event! Zis is a Party! Let us Drink a Toast to zis Beeautiful Evening and all zee Beeautiful Evenings yet to bee...".

Then we all drank a Toast, and after her Speech, the rest of the HoneyBall turned out to bee a lot more Fun. Even if there were some of us that didn't necessarily Beelieve what Fleur was saying, we Appreciated the Sentiment. Finally, Orderly Beeson (who was standing next to ButterCup and me with his Date, Nurse Beetrice) said, "What the hell? Let's Party."   So we did that.

Anyway, after the HoneyBall was over, everybody called it a Night, and we all went back to our Hives, or ShoeBoxes, or Cracks in the Wall, or where-ever it is everybody Lives. I don't know about what anybody else did the Day After the Party, but speaking for myself, I just Laid Around my ShoeBox all day, watched old Re-Runs of "Escape From Bee Island" with Potato (my Sensory-Impaired Certified Emotional Support/Service LadyBug), and Relaxed.

It turned out to bee such a Highly Great Party, I'm thinking maybee I should bee spending this Otherwise-Nothing-To-Do Monday doing exactly the same Thing - which is Nothing, including mostly trying not to worry about Going Extinct, which I'm not, probably.

So I'm gonna go do that.


Georgie's in Danger of Going Extinct???

Georgie Watchiing his 6

I'm so incredibly Glad it's Monday! As we all know, Monday is the Best Day of the Week beecause, among Other Things, it means we're one Day Closer to the next Weekend. 

You're probably wondering just where the hell I've been this entire Hot Season, but we'll get into that later, probably. 

First, I wanna' say that I was on my way out of Lousy Louie's earlier this Hot Season after enjoying a Highly Delicious and Marginally Nutritious lunch (I had an Order of Chunked and Formed Pollen Steak - Well Done - with a couple of Unusually Refreshing Nectartinis), when I was Accosted by another Bee (a Casual Acquaintance from a Hive on the other side of the Far Meadow). He looked at me and said, "What the hell are you doing here?"

I didn't know what the hell he was Talking about, so I asked, "Why the hell are you asking me what the hell I'm doing here?"
And he said, "You're not even supposed to bee're on the Endangered Species List! You can't bee out running around in Public like this anymore - you have to bee more Careful in Guarding your Well-Beeing!"
So I said, "What the hell do you mean I'm on the Endangered Species List? When the hell did I beecome an Endangered Specie?"
"Hell if I know," he said. Then he said, "Just Watch your Six," and he flew away.

Geeeeeze. All of a sudden, my usual Smug Self-Assuredness was replaced with an Intensely Irrational Feeling that my very Existence might bee in Jeopardy. I went back home to ShoeBox and started digging around in my Closet for my Six. Potato (my Certified Sensory-Impaired Emotional Support/Service LadyBug) came up beehind me and asked, "What the hell are you doing, Georgie?" I told Potato that I was told that I'm on the Endangered Species List as I continued to try to find my Six, and she said, "When the hell did that happen?"

"Hell if I know," I said. "All I know," I said, "is that I might bee Extinct, and that I've been Advised to Watch my Six, so that's what I'm gonna' do, just as soon as I find it."

"No, Georgie," Potato said, "when somebody says, 'Watch your Six', it means that you're supposed to bee attentive to your Surroundings, and bee alert for any Threats that might bee sneaking up Beehind you. It doesn't mean that you literally have a 'Six' - that would bee..."

"Ah, here it is,"I interrupted her, as I found my Six underneath a huge pile of Bee Monthly Magazines, right beehind a Briefcase that Nestor (Fleur de Bee's Associate from France) had asked if he could leave in my Closet for Safe-Keeping and I'd said, "Sure," not knowing he'd put it in a place that would make finding my Six more difficult. So I dragged my Six out and started Watching it.

"I have to ask you again, Georgie: the hell are you doing?" Potato asked me.
"Watching my Six. What the hell do you Think I'm doing?" I asked.
Potato just rolled her eyes, then seemed to find it necessary to try to convince me that when somebody tells somebody else to "Watch their Six", it was a Figure of Speech, that they don't mean that somebody should just sit there, Watching a Six. Of course, she couldn't have been more mistaken. If somebody just happened to have a Six, why the hell wouldn't they Watch it if somebody told me I should? Of course they would. And since I just happened to have a Six, it's Outstandingly Ridiculous for anybody to Think I wouldn't Watch it, isn't it? Of course it is.

So basically, that's what I've been Doing since finding out that I'm on the Endangered Species List: I've mostly been Watching my Six. The last thing I want to do is to bee Extinct.

Potato has tried a few times to get me to do other Stuff since then - she even tried to Remind me that the End of the Hot Season Welcome to the New Cool Season Honey Ball is coming up, and that I should not only go to that, but that I should ask my Girlfriend, ButterCup, to go with me. She also said that I should rent a Tuxedo for the Event beefore they're all gone. I asked Potato if she thought it would bee okay if I brought my Six with us to the HoneyBall. "Why the hell would you want to do that?" she asked me. "Of course it wouldn't bee okay. Two's Company, Three's a Crowd," she said. "Just leave your Six at home. And don't worry - while you're at the HoneyBall with ButterCup, I'll Watch it for you if you want me to."

"You'd do that?" I asked her.

"Of course I would," Potato answered. "What the hell do you think my job as your Emotional Support/Service LadyBug is? I'm not here just to listen to your insufferable nightly Bitch and Moan Sessions, Georgie. I'm here to make sure you're Okay. So don't worry - I've got your Six."

"You've got my Six?" I asked her.

"Yes, I do," she told me.

"Okay, but you'll give it back, right?" l had to know.

"What?" Potato asked.

"You'll give me my Six back after I get back from the HoneyBall?"

"Of course I'll give it back, and you can Watch it all you want to. I'll even help you Watch it if you want me to," she said.

I still felt uncertain about leaving my Six at home with Potato to Watch, but she was probably right about leaving it at Home, even though she was Completely Wrong about one thing: adding a Six to Two (ButterCup and me) doesn't make Three or a Crowd. It makes Eight. But whatever. It's amazingly Fortunate that Potato is my Certified Emotional Support/Service LadyBug, and not my Math Tutor. As we can all see, she's lousy at Math.

"Fine," I said. 

So now I have to fly over to ButterCup's Place to invite her to the HoneyBall, then I have to go Rent a Tuxedo. Hopefully Franknbee's Formal Attire and Overstock Shoe Mart will have the same Tuxedo I Rented last time I had to go to whatever the hell it was I had to wear a Tuxedo to.  

It's been awhile. 

So I'm gonna go do that.


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