The Warm Season's Here - and Georgie's FREE!!!

Left-Leaning Georgie-COLOUR

So as you might possibly know, probably, Mondays are my Favourite Day of the Week - and for good reason.  Not only does Monday mean the Weekend is finally over so you can finally call those Carpenter Bees to come over and fix the Wooden Fence around your Mint Patch that got damaged in that Windstorm on Saturday without having to pay Overtime (as you would if you called them on a Sunday), but this year, two Highly Appealing things happened on Monday. First, it was the First Day of the New Warm Season - and we all know what that means, so I'm just not gonna get into that with you. And the other thing is that as Spring Sprang, I was Sprung from the Hive Clinic, and finally Escaped the Massively Unpleasant Scrutiny of Nurse Beeatrice.

I never ever want to hafta go back there, or bee under her Massively Unpleasant Scrutiny ever again. I’m Serious.

I also have to say that, after having some Immobile Quiet Time to Think Carefully about it, I have pretty much Decided that I probably never want to go to work for the Snark Brothers ever again, either. If it weren't for them, I wouldn't have been in the Hive Clinic in the First place, and I wouldn’t have had to put up with having to Survive on an
th of a Small Eyedropper of Warm, Lime Nectar a Day which Nurse Beeatrice told me is the new "Mostly Healthy Patient Diet beeing Implemented due to Patient Care Budget Cuts brought on by Unforeseen Salary Hikes and Bonuses beeing paid to the Cinic Staff." That stuff was Horrible. (In case I’ve never Mentioned it, I really don't like Lime Nectar unless it's in an Ice-Cold, Sparklingly Refreshing Lime Nectar Fizz.)

I asked Nurse Beeatrice if I could have one of those instead of the Warm stuff, but she just said, "You must bee Joking, and if you’re not, you should bee,” which I took to mean I shouldn’t ask again even though I wasn’t Joking. So I was always Hungry, but I do have to say that, on the Bright Side, I did manage to lose some Excess Weight, which is always a good thing, probably.  

Still, when I was finally Let Go from the Clinic, I had this weird Craving for an Ice-Cold, Sparkingly-Refreshing Lime Nectar Fizz, so beefore I went back home to my ShoeBox, I went to Lousy Louies and had a few of those.  (When I did finally make it back Home, which was sometime after Closing Time, Potato and I kind of Got Into It - she was Upset that I hadn't just come Home and that I'd Indulged in several many Lime Nectar Fizzes.

"You've been drinking Lime Nectar Fizzes, haven't you? You don't need to Answer that - I know you have beecause I can smell it on your MouthParts,” she said after I kind of Accidentally Tripped over her and Woke her Up when I came in.  

Judging by the way she seemed to bee Glaring at me, I kind of figured I had some Explaining to Do, but I was Highly Tired and feeling sort of Marginally Disoriented by all those Lime Nectar Fizzes, so I told her that she and I could engage in some Usefully Informative Explanatory Banter all about my beeing Beat and Buzzed the next day, which we did, and which I'll tell you all about some other time.

Anyway, now that I've Escaped, and it's finally the New Warm Season, I need to try to figure out what it is that I'm gonna bee Doing with my Valuable Time. But beefore I beecome Unduly Distracted with all that, I need to catch up on my Stories (there is no TV and no Streaming Services in the Hive Clinic anymore, you know - it's all part of those Unforeseen Salary Hikes and Bonuses, which I guess makes Sense).

So I'm gonna go do that.


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