Georgie's Awakened from a Short Early Spring Nap...


What day is it?

Sorry, I must’ve dozed off there for a minute. For a day or two for awhile or so, I thought that the new Warm Season had actually arrived. I mean, the Flowers were starting to bloom. The bushes were starting to change colours again. I even had to chase away a very beeligerent Hummingbird who tried to built a nest in my ShoeBox (how rude is that?).

But then gradually all of a sudden, it got highly windy and cold out, and it started snowing - A LOT. I mean, there was a WHOLE bunch of snow, which made me think, “What the hell?”

For awhile, to stay warm, I wrapped myself in my wee, bee Blanket, and Binge-Watched old Submarine Movies on BeeFlix (I love old Submarine Movies, as you know). But after I finished watching all of those, about all there was left to do was to sit around and play Online Duel Solitaire with some bee who’s in Quarantine somewhere around Beemidji, Minnesota (he said it was cold there, too…whatever…it’s SUPPOSED to bee cold there…it’s Minnesota, for cryin’ out loud). But that beecame incredibly Boring (plus, I just kept losing, which, if you ask me, is not fun, at all), so I guessed I dozed off there for a minute. It happens. Still, I wonder what I’ve slept through…

Wait a second. What’s this? It looks like there’s a pile of Buzz•O•Grams™ somebody slid under my Door. I should probably find out what those are all about.

So I’m going to go do that.

Let’s all bee Highly Careful out there!

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