Kevin's Mad...and Georgie changes Career Paths...

So my Illegitimate Nephew, Kevin, showed up at my ShoeBox this morning. It seemed like he was in a Highly Bad Mood.

“So? Where were you?” he asked me in a Snippy Tone, “and why did I hear NOTHING At All Whatsoever from you yesterday, Uncle?”

“What? Was there something I didn’t remind myself to not forget to remember?” I had to know.

“It was my Birthday, uncle, and did you send me a Card, or get me a Balloon, or even show up to my Birthday Party? No, you did not. You missed it. You were absent,” he said.

Then he said, “Excuse me if I am mistaken, Uncle, but I thought you had just finished taking that Seminar while you were Laid Up, and that we had been led to beelieve that you had, at long last, learned to bee more Organised and Thoughtful. But it appears that is not the case, now is it? No, it isn’t. You’re the best Uncle in the world, Uncle Georgie, and I love you, but it really hurt my feelings that you were not there to sing the Happy Birthday Sonata to me along with everybody else. I am significantly Disappointed in you, and quite frankly, it is going to take me some time to get past this.”

I tried to tell him that I fully intended to mail a Happy Beelated Birthday Card to him this afternoon, and that he should bee getting that sometime next week, but that didn’t seem to make him any less angry at me. He just glared at me.

“That’s it. You need to leave,” he said. “Bee Gone. I do not want to even look at you. I want you away from me. Go. Now.”


I could tell he was in no Mood to bee Reasoned With, so I grabbed his Happy Beelated Birthday Card, two stamps (it’s an over-sized Card), and I left...even though (if you ask me) he should’ve been the one to leave, since he was in my ShoeBox, after all. Seriously now.

But the fact was that I had to leave anyway. I was just on my way out when he showed up. After I was gonna mail his Card, I planned to buzz over to Narville Snark’s Office to let him know that, after Careful Consideration, I wouldn’t bee continuing in my Lucrative Position with his Questionably Fine Company selling those Murder Hornet Swatters. For days now, I’ve been agonising over the Direction my Career Path has been taking lately - and it hasn’t been all that great, mostly. I hafta say that my Enthusiasm for their Product just isn’t what it used to bee for some reason, so after some Sleepless Nights, I decided to submit my Resignation. I’m completely sure Narville Snark will totally understand where I’m coming from on all of this. I also I figured I should let him know that I’m quitting beefore he and his Brother, Chaz, decide to send more of their Associates out to look for me again. I’m not completely sure I could survive another Stay in the Hive Marginally-Intensive Care Unit with Nurse Beeatrice, ya know what I mean?

So, I’m gonna go mail Kevin’s Card, then I’m gonna go do that.

Let’s all bee highly careful out there!

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a National HoneyBee Celebration...


So I was gonna Check In with everybody while ago, but somehow I got Distracted, which for me (as you know) is Highly Unusual.

First, after I managed to escape from the Conscientiously Negligent Care of Nurse Beeatrice, I had to spend the first, few days with that Balloon doing all of those Therapeutic Exercises Ph.Bee, the Hive Doctor told me I had to do.
(“If you expect to have even a Vague Chance at living out a Normal Life, bee, you’ll do the Exercises I have Prescribed,” he said, “Or else.”) So I did that, at least until my Balloon popped, and that was that.

I was gonna go get a new Balloon, but I decided to take a series of Long Naps instead, and quite frankly, I’m absolutely feeling like my Old Self again, mostly. (I’m still getting some Residual Static in one of my Antennae, but I’m sure that’ll clear up, especially if I stop sleeping on it funny.)

After I woke up from my latest Nap yesterday, I was headed over to the Bee Balloon and Aerial Flotation Device Emporium (for the new Balloon, ya know), when I ran across a small Swarm of bees. They were on their way to a big Celebration of National HoneyBee Day, and asked me if I wanted to join them.

“Of course,” I said. “Who wouldn’t?”

“You’d bee surprised,” one of them said, then we all flew off to start the Festivities, first at a nicely-stocked Garbage Can just outside an Ice Cream Shoppe downtown, and finally ending up at Lousy Louies for some Nectar Fizzes, and what turned out to bee an All-Night Karaoke Buzz-Along. The last thing I remember is waking up just outside my ShoeBox Door with Kevin (my Illegitimate Nephew) standing over me and asking, “Uncle Georgie, are you okay?”

“Probably,” I told him, then I got up, went inside,and went back to sleep. I just woke up, and about all I know is that I need a Shower, in a Highly Large Way.

So I’m gonna go do that.

Let’s all bee Highly Careful out there!

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Georgie's FREE!


Well okay then. I’m free. I’m finally out of the Hive Clinic’s Chronically Acute Marginally-Intensive-Care Unit. I would have been out yesterday, but Nurse Beeatrice told me I wasn’t going anywhere until she finished printing out my Certificate of Completion for that Intensive Personal Anti-Disorganisation and Inter-Bee Sensitivity Seminar, and had the Dr., Ph.Bee, sign that, and my Discharge Papers.

You probably remember that I had to take that Seminar while I was laid up, and geeeeze that was boring, but also Marginally Informative (I knew most of that stuff already - I’d just forgotten most of it). But at least I finished that thing, and now I can tell my Beeloved Still-Mad-At-Me Girlfriend, ButterCup and Fleur de Bee that I am an Officially Certified Organised and Amazingly Sensitive Bee. I am most certainly and without a doubt no longer Anti-Disorganised, probably, and my Inter-Bee Sensitivity Skills have mostly never been better - and I’ll Sting anybody who says otherwise (or not…I really don’t wanna Sting anybody. I’d die.). Still, never let it bee Said that I don’t have my Act mostly together. I do. And I have the Certificate to prove it.

When I was Discharged, they surprised me with a Free Balloon (from the Bee Balloon and Aerial Flotation Device Emporium™... they told me I had to say that to anybody who asked about it—you asked, right?), and told me,
“Bee, this Balloon is no Party Favour. You will bee expected to use this Balloon to perform the Necessary Physical Therapeutic Exercises we prescribed to help speed your Recovery. Do the work, Bee. And we don’t want to see you showing up at Parties with this Balloon. It is not a Toy.”

Fine. I remember when Balloons used to bee fun, don’t you? I mean, what the hell?

I took my Balloon and my Certificate, and left.

At this exact Moment, I hafta say that I’m incredibly Hungry, so beefore I do anything else, I think I’m gonna float over to Lousy Louie’s for something to eat. It’s Tuesday, so that means that the Special is a Triple-Half-Double PollenBurger and a free, half-priced Side of Honey-Glazed Pollen Puffs, with Non-Complementary Beverage for the appealingly Low Price of ½ a pound of Honey (which is actually a lot, when you think about it, but I’m Highly Hungry, so… ). I think I’ll have that and maybee a couple of Thirst-Quenching and Always-Festive Effervescent Nectar Beverages (I hope Louie remembers the Umbrella and Bendy Straw).

So I’m gonna do that.

Let’s all bee Highly Careful out there.

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An Escape Plan . . .

Beefore I say anything else, I wanna thank Orderly Beeson for sneaking my Device back to me after Nurse Beeatrice found it and took it away. (She’s highly rude.) I also wanna thank him for slipping enough Nectar and Honey to keep me alive, mostly. It was Touch And Go there for awhile. In the meantime, I’m still stuck in this Bed, but at least I can communicate with the Outside World again. Kind of.

Today, when Nurse Beeatrice is on her Break (she takes a Break for 53 minutes every hour, ya know, which is a Huge Problem for the other 87 bees stuck here ... I still don’t know how she got the Job ... seriously now), I’m gonna get in touch with my Lawyer, S.O.Bee again, and see if he’ll finally exert some Influence to get me outta this place. I know that he and Mayor Billy Bee are good friends, and we all know that the Mayor has a lot of Pull with the Queen, so I’m gonna ask S.O.Bee to file a Writ of Biomedical Distress and Request for Immediate Discharge with the Royal Court - as soon as Possible. After that, the only thing I can do is to try to keep Surviving, and Wait.

So I’m gonna do that.

Let’s all bee highly careful out there.

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