Finally, some Breakfast...

So…I finally managed to get over to Great Grandma Gee Gee’s place. She was ridiculously buzzy making an Excess Surplus Supply of her delicious (and mostly nutritious) Royal HoneyChew Krisp Cookies™.

Since I still hadn’t had breakfast for all this time I’ve been awake, I asked her, “Hey, Gee Gee, can I have a Cookie?”

“Why, of course, dear, and how Rude of me to make you have to ask. And while I’m at it, I’m going to fix you up with a nice, soothing, Acorn Capful of some Morning Nectar. My Stars, you must bee starved you poor thing, and that just won’t do,” she said. “But,” she said, “I will need to keep my Distance, dear. We none of us can bee too careful. It wouldn’t do at all if you were to get sick.”

Ya’ gotta love Great Grandma Gee Gee.

Anyway, I stayed at Gee Gee’s place for about an hour and 87 minutes and filled myself up with a bunch of her Cookies and about three Acorn Capfuls of Morning Nectar (Gee Gee also makes the best Morning Nectar, in case you’ve never had it). Then I went back to my ShoeBox, where this Buzz•O•Gram™ from Kevin (my Illegitimate Nephew) was waiting for me. (I’m glad they’re still delivering Buzz•O•Gram™s. I mean, everything else is closed, but at least we’ll still able to communicate while we’re all having to keep our Distance, probably.)


As we all know, Kevin is currently and temporarily staying with Howard and Alice Primsdale in Salina, Kansas during this whole Contamination Crisis, so it’s nice to know he got there safely…though I gotta’ say that I don’t know what all this stuff about Gladys HoneyWings is all about, ya know? Why is she even there? Whatever it is, it doesn’t sound good, does it? I need to find out what the hell is going on out there.

So I’m gonna do that.

Let’s all bee Highly Careful out there!

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