Boredom is setting in with Georgie...


Yeah, so I’m still in Quarantine - ya’ know, beecause of that Vicious Contagion that’s still going around - and all I've been doing for the past week or so is spending a lot of time pretty much minding my own Buzziness, whatever that is.

I haven’t heard anything more from ButterCup about that whole Misunderstanding about her Birthday, so I’m pretty sure she’s forgotten all about my not remembering to remind myself not to forget that, so that’s a Huge Relief.

And I also haven’t heard anything more from my Illegitimate Nephew (Kevin) about what’s going on in Salina, Kansas with him and Alice and Howard Primsdale and that whole mess with Gladys HoneyWings violating the Keep Your Personal Distancing Rule (which, as far as I know, is still 15.72”). The last I heard was that she was still running around giving everybody Socially Unacceptable Hugs, but that she was starting to catch the Unwanted Attention of the Local Enforcement Swarm - which is never a good thing. Maybee later, I’ll see if Kevin’s signed up for that new VideoVisit App and find out what’s going on out there. Of course, I will have to comb my fuzz and straighten my Antennae. I sure the hell don’t wanna bee on Camera looking like this, if you know what I mean.


I do hafta say that I’m Highly Bored, and I’m mostly sick of having to wear this Amazingly Uncomfortable “I Visited Narka, Kansas, and all I got was this lousy MouthPart Mask” MouthPart Mask all the time. It’s hot and stuffy and hard to breathe in that thing and makes me wish I hadn’t eaten all those Roasted Garlic Pollen Puffs; however, as Mayor Billy Bee recently Mandated in his Amended Royally-Certified “Stay Inside the Dam Hive” Decree, everybody has to wear a MouthPart Mask ALL the time - even if we’re alone - Or Else. (He’s starting to sound like my Editor, if you wanna know my Opinion.) I don’t wanna bee Or Elsed, so I’m wearing the Dam Thing all the time - even when I’m just sitting in my ShoeBox all by myself, watching another Episode of my Stories (which, right now, is Season 487 of “As The Hive Turns”, and I dunno if you’ve been watching that, but I’m pretty sure that Brazen Hussy, Alexandria, is trying to talk Lance into marrying her, but if he’s half as smart as he thinks he is, he’ll get the hell away from her and finally go back to his Previously-Estranged Soul-Mate and accept that Lucrative Position in the Family Buzziness that his highly Nasty-Tempered Great Cousin offered him two years ago, but I think Lance is overly Smitten with Alexandria, so you know what they say…). Luckily, we won’t have to wait long to probably find out what happens next, since the next Episode starts in about five minutes

So I’m gonna go watch that.

Let’s all bee highly careful out there.

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