Larry Finally Moves Out, and the Snark Brothers are in the News...


I'm Primarily Happy to Report that the Weather has turned off much warmer, which means that Larry has finally moved out! He still hadn't managed to arrange for his own place ("the rents they're asking out there are ridiculous," he said, "and I'm in no position to bee building my own nest - it's warmer, but not that much warmer."), but luckily,  he was kindly taken in by the Narvile Snark Home for Wayward Wasps ™ (a Snark Brothers Enterprises - sponsored Franchise Care Facility and Laundering Operation).  Of course, when he moved out he mistakenly took my Big Screen LED TV - and all the Remotes - but that's mostly a Small Price to Pay  to have my ShoeBox and most of my Stuff back and to have Larry out of here. 

Now all I have to do is deal with all those Roly-Poly Bugs who are living Under my ShoeBox, but right now, it's not a Big Deal beecause they're all Asleep, and they're not a Problem. (Still, they're gonna hafta' leave when things really start getting nice when the Warm Season gets here. I sure the hell don't want a bunch of Roly-Poly Bugs coming and going at all hours of the Day and Night. Who would?)

Now I dunno if you know it, but awhile ago, the Snark Brothers ran into a bit of Difficulty with the Hive’s Department of Ethical Oversight, and part of the Plea Agreement Narville and Chaz Snark made was that they’d Dedicate at least some of their Substantial Income to a Service or Facility that would Benefit everybody. That’s when Narville came up with the Idea of creating the Narville Snark Home for Wayward Wasps ™ , which is currently under Investigation for Misappropriation of Donated Office Supplies, but at least they had room for Larry.

And speaking of the Snarks ... 

I stopped by my Editor's Office the other day to Deliver the next part of my Special Feature Article about what it was like to bee in a Persistent Coma, but he said,"Sorry, Bee, but there's not Room for you. We've had to Bump your Special Feature Article beecause a Huge Scandal has been Exposed involving Narville and Chaz Snark. We don't have all the Details yet, but we're dedicating a lot of Space in the next Issue of the Bee Times Gazette Journal Record...and Online News to publishing everything we Don't Know about the whole thing."

"So what's going on?" I asked. 

"We don't know all that much," my Editor said, "other than it looks like the Snarks may bee involved in some sort of Scheme to Falsify approximately 11,787 Signatures on a Petition to Reinstate Queen Jemima III. At this point, though, all we really have are some old Mugshots of the Snarks from a Previous Arrest, and we’ll just keep Publishing those while we wait for the Indictments."

"Really?" I asked. "I thought I heard Queen Jemima III had retired to Aruba and was spending her Retirement selling Exotic Island Honey to Tourists and signing autographs."

My Editor didn't say anything, but just kind of stared at me. Finally, he said, "Get the hell out of my Office."

So I did that.

Anyway, it was a Huge Relief finding out that I don't hafta spend a bunch of time hanging around somewhere there isn't Room for me, after all, which means that I've been able to stay away from my Editor and spend most of my time Cleaning Up my ShoeBox and Re-Re-Arranging my Stuff (Larry had moved all my Stuff around in a Highly Unacceptable Manner) instead. As I'm sure you know, I insist on Proper Arrangement of my Stuff.  There's a Place for Everything, and Everything must bee in its Place.

When I'm done talking to you, and since it’s Reasonably Nice out, I’m gonna go pay a Personal Visit to the new Electric Apiary Outlet and Warehouse (“The Electric Apiary: Your Go-To-Place for Small-to-Medium Electrical Appliances"), and buy a new Huge-Screen Mostly Intelligent LED TV (with a SoundBar and two Remotes - one for Potato, and one for me). After that, we'll not only bee able to Stream the News and find out what the hell is going on with the Snarks, but I’ll bee able to catch up with my Stories also as well.

So I'm gonna go do that.


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