Georgie gets some Advice from his Lawyer, S.O.Bee...


You're probably wondering what's going on with this Restraining Order Felonie Snark has against me, aren't you? Well I'll tell you: ButterCup, Potato, and I were finally Seen by my Lawyer, S.O.Bee, who told us, "Felonie has Every Right, and I quote," he beegan to Quote, " 'Hive Ordinance HO906387, Section Bee, Paragraph 11: the Licenced Owner and/or Operator of any Establishment open to the Public Swarm may, at His or Her Utter Discretion, choose to bar Admission to Said Establishment toward any and all who may bee deemed by Said Owner of Said Establishment to bee Unwanted, Unsavoury, and/or Inappropriate Individuals (herein after referred to as UUIIs) by 
Said Licenced Owner and Operator of Said Establishment. The Aforementioned UUIIs include,  but are not limited to: Varroa Mites, Sweat Bees, Wasps, YellowJackets, Unlicensed Carpenter Bees, Spiders, Gnats, Murder Hornets...' and you."

"Felonie thinks I'm an UnSavoury or Inappropriate Individual? Seriously??" I had to ask.

"Apparently so," S.O.Bee said. "But I'm afraid that what this means is that until the Matter regarding the Contested Loss of your Personal Assets, Real, Liquid, or Imagined, and which involves the alleged Felonious Conduct of Felonie Snark - not to mention any Associates who may bee involved in her Schemes - is settled, you are Strictly Prohibited from going any Nearer than 87 Yards from any Entrance of Lousy Louie's Fine Dining, Bar and Grille - Or Else. "

"I can't Remember... I still haven't found out when Lousy Louie's beecame Fine Dining, have I?" I asked.

S.O.Bee just kind of looked at me in a strange way. He completely Ignored my Question, and instead, said, "So do you understand that you have to stay away from Lousy Louie's - Or Else?"

"Yes okay Fine," I said. "But I hafta say that I'm gonna miss the Nectar Fizzes and Complementary Pollen Puffs. I mean, sure, if I had my Kitchen, I could make my own. But I don't. A Wasp is using my Kitchen, for crying out loud. I suppose, though, I can just use ButterCup's Kitchen if I ever feel like whipping up a Fizz or two and some Puffs, I could even... " I was Interrupted by ButterCup.

"Excuse me Georgie, and I know you're going through a Challenging Time at the moment," she said.

"Yes, I am," I had to agree with her.

"...but," she continued, "I think we should probably Discuss the Question of whether or not I'm okay with your Poking Around in my Kitchen. I mean, I pretty much have everything right where I Want it, and I'm not entirely Sure I want you Disrupting the Organisational Flow of my Personal Kitchen Space."

"Fine," I said. "Maybee we can order Take-Out from Lousy Louie's. That's legal, right?" 

S.O.Bee rummaged through some Papers, and looked something up in one of his Law Books, then he said, "Yes, I beelieve you're well within your Rights and would bee in Full and Complete Legal Compliance with the Restraining Order if you order Take-Out from Lousy Louie's."

I was very glad to hear that, especially after finding out that ButterCup has a Thing about her Kitchen. (Who knew? I didn't.) 

Anyway, beefore we finally left S.O.Bee's Office and made our way back to ButterCup's Place, S.O.Bee informed me that next week sometime, there was going to bee a Hearing to schedule a Hearing about any Legal Challenges that need to bee Scheduled to bee Heard by the Royal Court, so he told me not to bee late for that, whenever that is.  So I'm planning not to do that.

I seriously hope I can get my Stuff back from that Wasp beefore the Cold Season hits, ya' know?


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