It's Day 53 of Georgie's Coma, and his Lawyer, S.O.Bee is paying him a visit...


I’m sick of just lying here. I don’t even know how long I’ve been like this. Seriously now…my Stinger is Numb, and I’m pretty sure that *CENSORED*, Nurse Beeatrice, tied another knot in my Feeding Tube, just to bee mean.

But hey, at least I’m glad ButterCup and my Lawyer are here. Maybee they’ll notice that I’m not getting any Nutrition, and insist that Beeatrice gets the Flow Going again.

Oh now, this is good News… I just heard S.O.Bee tell ButterCup that he’s gotten a Restraining Order against Felonie Snark. That’s a huge Relief beecause it means that Felonie can’t try to sneak back into the Hive Clinic's Questionably Traumatic Cranial Injury Ward (which is where I am, so I hear) and try to yank out my Feeding Tube if it happens to bee in her best Interests, which I’ve heard she thinks it is. After her Visit last week, I’ve gotten the feeling that Felonie doesn’t Like me.

How could somebody not Like me?

You know, If and When I ever get out of this Bed, remind me not to forget to remember to pay that
*CENSORED*, Felonie, a little Visit so I can give her a Piece of my Mind about this whole thing.

Wait a minute. Now this is good . . . ButterCup just pointed out to S.O.Bee that there’s something wrong with my Feeding Tube. He’s buzzing for Nurse Beeatrice to ‘Get in here and fix this Problem or face the Consequences…’. It feels like he’s pulling on my Feeding Tube…it feels like he’s going to pull it out of my Mouthparts. No, wait…he just asked, ‘What the
*CENSORED* is this?!’. He’s pulling harder on something else and I don’t think it’s my Feeding Tube. NO! I think he’s grabbing the… OH NO! It feels like he’s pulling out the Tube that Kevin (my Illegitimate Nephew) cleverly disguised as a Feeding Tube, but which is, in reality, the Tube that connects me to Kevin’s Thought Transcription Device!

WOAH! Don’t do that! Oh geeeeeeze…if he keeps pulling on it like this he’s gonna… .


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