Georgie Rejoins the World after Awakening from his Persistent Coma - Brunch with Pinky at Lousy Louie's


So where was I? Oh yeah.

I couldn’t beelieve it, but when I got back from the Bathroom, Pinky was still standing in Line with her Certified Emotional Support/Service LadyBug, and she was involved in some sort of Huge Argument with Lousy Louie’s Maitré Bee (the one you usually have to slip an extra pound of Honey to so you can get a good Table).

“You’re mistaken,” I heard Pinky buzz at him. “If you would take the time to revisit the Clearly-Stated Rules regarding this, you would know that you’re just wrong.”

“I’m afraid it is you who is Mistaken,” he said. “Under No Circumstances will I allow your…your…your BUG here to enter this Establishment with you. We have a Strict No Bugs Policy here at Lousy Louie’s.”

“This is not just a Bug. This is a Certified Emotional Support/Service LadyBug, and under the Provisions of Hive Ordinance #29401, Section Bee, Paragraph 483, Line 87,” then Pinky Quoted from memory, QUOTE: 'Any and all Emotional Support/Service Creatures must bee allowed Admission to any Public Establishment’, including yours. 'Failure to Comply with the Ordinance can result in a sizeable Fine and possible Long-Term Detention.' I would suggest you read the Ordinance.”

It seemed like Pinky had run into this Situation beefore.

The Maitré Bee gave her a dirty look, then disappeared inside Lousy Louie’s Office. When he finally returned, he curled his Mouthparts at Pinky at said, “Fine. Have it your way.” Then he grabbed two Menus and told us to Please Follow Him, so we did that.

He must have liked us a lot, beecause he led us to a Table that was right outside the Bathrooms, gave us the Menus and told us to bee seated.

“Your Servers will bee with you Momentarily, and they will describe Today’s Specials, ” he buzzed at us, then he buzzed off in what seemed like a Huff, whatever that is.

Pinky and I sat there for what seemed about an hour when suddenly, a pair of Identical Bees approached our Table and introduced themselves as our Servers.

“I am Orson,” said the Bee on the Left, “And I am Eitherson,” said the Bee on the Right. Then the bee on the Left - Orson - said, “I will bee taking care of your Beverage Needs,” then the Bee on the Right - Eitherson - said, “And I will bee taking your Food Orders.” Then the Bee on the Right left, and the Bee on the Left asked, “May I bring you a Refreshing Beverage? And will your Bug bee needing a Menu?”

“No, thank you,” Pinky told him. “She’ll just have a capful of Iced Nectar, if possible. And I will have a Large Lemon and Strawberry Nectar Fizz.”

“Very good. And for you, Sir?” Orson looked at me.

“Uhm, I’ll have the same thing she’s having, except bee sure to include an Umbrella and a Bendy Straw.”

“Of course, Sir,” he said. “All of our Nectar Fizzes are Adorned with one of those little Umbrellas, and a Bendy Straw. Excuse me for one moment, and we will get those Beverages right out to you.”

Then he left. Pinky and I started looking over the Menus.

About six minutes later, our Server returned carrying our Beverages and set them down on the Table.

“Thank you very much, Orson,” I said.

“Oh, I’m not Orson,” our Server said, “I’m Eitherson. Orson asked if I would deliver your Beverages to you then take your Food Order,” Eitherson said. Then he said, “Anytime you need anything at all, you may call either Orson, or me, Eitherson. Either of us will see to your needs. So may I take your Orders?” Eitherson asked us.

“Yes,” Pinky said. “But first, can you tell us what the Specials are today?”

“Of course,” Eitherson said. “First, we have a Succulent Roasted Filet of Pollen smothered with Honeysuckle Nectar Sauce for Five Ninety-Nine, or for the Lighter Appetite, we have what we call our Pollen PowerLunch which is a simple, but elegant Pollen Puff Casserole with your choice of a Side of Caramelized Cactus Flower Pollen or a Side Salad for Seven Ninety-Nine.” Then he just stood there and stared at us.

Pinky broke the Awkward Silence by ordering the Roasted Filet of Pollen, then Eitherson looked at me and asked, “Very good. And for you, Sir?”

I saw on the Menu that they had Unlimited Complementary Pollen Puffs with every Beverage Order, so I told him, “I’ll have the Unlimited Complementary Pollen Puffs.” Eitherson gave me what I think was probably kind of a Dirty Look, and said, “Fine.” Then he left.

Pinky and I stared to talk about how Hungry we were, then she started to say, “You know, Georgie, you’ve been in your Persistent Coma for quite awhile now. You may or may not Know it, but a lot of Things have Changed while you were in your Coma. First, I just want to tell you that we’re all Here for you - me, this Certified Emotional Support/Service LadyBug, and of course, most of your Friends.”

I don’t know why, really, but I started to feel Highly Uneasy about what Pinky was about to tell me. Maybee it was the Totally Serious Tone in her Buzz, or maybee it was the fact that beefore she first started talking, she guzzled her first Nectar Fizz, ordered another one, looked me Super-Seriously in my Compound Eyes, then said, “This is very likely going to come as a Massive Blow, and I truly do not Enjoy beeing the one to have to Tell you this, but…”, but just as she got to the part that most of my Friends would Bee There for me, she was interrupted by either Orson or Eitherson, I couldn’t tell which, who brought our Food Order, which was good beecause I was Amazingly Hungry.

“I’m mostly Anxious to hear what you have to tell me,” I told her, “but I need to go wash my Wings in the Bathroom beefore I start eating, so would you just Hold That Thought, and I’ll bee right back.” Then I got up and went to the Bathroom, which I was glad was right there next to our Table.

When I got back, Pinky was already eating her Roasted Filet and was sipping on her Third Nectar Fizz. I sat down and started enjoying my Pollen Puffs. Neither of us said anything for awhile, but I was Intensely Curious, so I finally asked, “So what were you going to tell me, Pinky?”

You won’t beelieve what she told me. But that’ll have to wait until next week. I have to go now.


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