Who Was At the Door the Other Day?


I hafta say that I'm more than a little bit completely Beeyond Frustrated.

Do you remember the other day when I mentioned that somebody was at my ShoeBox Door? And did I ever tell you who it was? If not, I'll tell you that it was a Process Server who was Intensely Determined to make sure that I was in Legal Possession of a Supbeena and Gag Order that S.O.Bee (the Snark Brother's Lawyer) wanted me to have. I dunno why, but I’m beeing called to Testify at the Snark Brother's Preliminary Pre-Trial Hearing next week as a Witness for the Defence.

Seriously now.  S.O.Bee wants me to bee on the Snark Brother's side?? I can't stand those guys.

What's even worse is that, according to the Gag Order, I can't talk about the Case - or about anything Else that's been going on around here - to anybody, including Potato. That means I can't even say Anything to you about Anything until after I Testify next week. 

Geeeeeeeezzzze. How unfair is that?


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