Georgie Bids the Hot Season Buh-Bye...

You’re probably wondering what I’ve been doing since that Swarm did an Intervention on me. You’re not alone (I’ve been hearing that question a lot). The Fact is, that after I was Interventionalised, I found out I was put on a Mandatory 87-Hour Hold by the Hive’s Cooperative Social Compliance Board, and sent to a Convent (jeah, I know...I’m not even Catholic). But that’s where I’ve been - but I’m finally out, and just in time for the Last Day of the Hot Season (is it just me, or was this Hot Season really a whole lot of Not Fun?), so if you’re expecting me to hang around very long here today reflecting on my Past, you’re gonna bee amazingly Disappointed.

But I will tell you that, while I was at the Convent, I had a chance to participate in a Spin Class (I got highly dizzy on that one), I took a class in Non-Offensive Holiday Cooking, and when I wasn’t hanging out with the Hummingbirds at their feeder, I slept. That was good.

After the Warden at the Convent finally decided that I had been Rehabeelitated enough to bee allowed to rejoin Polite Society, I went home to my ShoeBox, changed my shoes and socks, then went back to sleep.

Anyway, today is Monday (the best Day of the week), and it’s the Last Day of this Less-Than-Acceptable Hot Season also, as well. I don’t wanna waste it.

So I’m gonna go not do that.

Let’s all bee Highly Careful out there!

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