Georgie's in a bit of trouble...

So I finally managed to work my way through that Huge Stack of Buzz•O•Grams™ that were stuck under my ShoeBox Door. What a pain in the Stinger that was. There were exactly 287 of those things, approximately, and most of them were from my Girlfriend, ButterCup. About the only thing I can say is Geeeeeze.


ButterCup is apparently upset with me. She accused me of forgetting her Birthday last month. For the record, I didn’t forget - I simply failed to remind myself to remember, which, if you ask me, isn’t forgetting. But hey, I’ve been highly buzzy - mostly reading angry Buzz•O•Grams™.

Just for the record, I really don’t like it when ButterCup is mad at me. It’s uncomfortable. But is it MY fault she’s still staying with her Sister, Tweak, and that she hasn’t been here to celebrate her Birthday? No, it isn’t. She made her choices, didn’t she? Yes, she did.

Oh sure, I suppose I could have mailed her a HoneyCake for her Birthday, but in the face of this Contagion and Mayor Billy Bee’s Royally-Sanctioned “Stay In The Dam Hive” Decree, I didn’t want to bee arrested. Again. Beesides, thanks to this Contagion, HoneyCakes’R’Us is still closed, and the last time I tried to make a HoneyCake, I accidentally left it out in the Park, it rained, the icing melted, and quite frankly, I’ll never have that recipe again. I lost it.

We’re just gonna hafta celebrate her Birthday next year.

But even worse than all that, one of the Buzz•O•Grams™ was an Official Notification from the Central Hive’s Bureau of Imminent Threats, informing me that there’s some sort of Hornet that’s decided to move here. I don’t have any problem with Immigration at all, but these guys sound really nasty. Rumour has it they like to rent cells in Beehives, then turn around and rip the heads off of us bees.

How rude is that? Seriously now.

Anyway, for now, I’m gonna stay inside my ShoeBox, and just try to keep my head.

Let’s all bee highly careful out there!

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