Day 70 of Georgie's Coma - and it's an Intervention...??


“Oh, sorry. I dozed off there for awhile. That happens a lot when you're in a Coma, ya' know. Or maybee you don't know. I dunno.

Anyway, it sounds like it's Visitor's Day or something. There's a lot of Buzzing going on in the Room. I don't recognise some of the Buzzing, but I do recognise the Screechy-Nasal Buzz of that
*CENSORED*, Nurse Beeatrice. I'm pretty sure she was addressing ButterCup when she said, ‘I’ll bee going on my two-hour Break shortly, so if it seems the Patient needs anything while I'm away, I don't want to hear about it,’ then I heard her leave.

'Wow,' I just heard ButterCup say, 'what the
*CENSORED* is the *CENSORED* story with that *CENSORED* *CENSORED* Nurse Beeatrice?!'

Seriously now, I have to say that I Completely Agree with her, but geeeeeze... I had no Idea that ButterCup had Mouthparts on her like that.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure I hear the Familiar Buzzing of Great Grandma Gee Gee. It sounds as if she's brought a whole bunch of her Cookies (you know the ones) "just for everybody to enjoy when we take a break," she just said.

Take a break from what? Oh no. I just heard Kevin (you know who he is) say, 'And I brought some Nectar Fizzes for everyone, beecause it is Well-Established that Comadial Interventions are Thirsty Work.'

A Comadial Intervention? What the
*CENSORED* is a Comadial Intervention? And why the *CENSORED* is it Thirsty Work?

Wait. I hear my Lawyer, S.O.Bee... he's telling everybody that beefore they will bee allowed to do a Comadial Intervention on me, they all have to sign a Waiver which, he is telling them, ‘Legally Relieves all Participants, including me, from any and all Responsibility for any and all Damage or Fatality resulting from Said Intervention. What that means in Laybee's Terms is that my Client, Georgie Bee, will not pursue any Legal Action should this Intervention in any way harm my Client or lead to his Demise.’

Oh for crying out loud. My Demise?? I don't ever Remember Signing anything like that. Okay fine, there's a whole bunch of things I don't seem to bee able to Remember at the moment, but it seems to me that I don't Remember Agreeing to anything, including this Intervention and I don't even know what the
*CENSORED* that even is. Correct me if I'm Wrong, but I always thought my Lawyer is supposed to bee on My Side, right? And I'm still not hearing anybody saying anything about what they're planning to Do. Should I really bee worried about beeing Hurt - or Worse??

Fleur? Fleur de Bee's here? I thought she was still in Paris. I just heard her ask Rudy to explain what's supposed to Happen with this Intervention. 'We all zooo want Georgie,' (I love the way she says my's so Cute), 'to emerge from zis Coma, but I am unzure what izz zupposed to bee happening. Why are zere zo many of zeeze Tubz of ze Ice Water? And what are zeeze Probes for?’

Wait a minute…what? Tubs of Ice Water? Probes?!?!?

I just heard Rudy (you know who that is) tell her, ‘All of your Quethtionth will bee Anthered Thoon. BigFoot,’ (you Remember him, right?) ‘hath the Offithial Manual, 'How to Awaken a Comatoth Pathient by Thtaging a Thucthethful Comadial Interventhion'. For the benefit of Everybody, would you pleath go over the Thtepth we'll bee following in thith Interventhion, BigFoot?’

They’re planning to Awaken me from my Coma with an Intervention?? I’m probably not sure I like this idea… .

So BigFoot just said it would bee his Pleasure to go over the Steps involved in this Intervention, and that he just has come over to grab the Manual that he left on my Bed. I hear him walking this way... his Huge Feet are... oh no! He's coming up right next to my Bed. If he's not Careful, he's gonna' step on the... "


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