Georgie Shares his Thoughts on Day 63 of his Coma...


I'm mostly happy to report that, two days ago, Kevin (my Illegitimate Nephew) was able to sneak into the Clinic and Re-Install the Communications Link beetween me and what he's now calling his ‘Mark II Neuro-Transcriber and Relatively Portable Feeding Tube-Transmitter™’.

Am I right in Thinking that you can hear what I'm Thinking again? I hope so. I wouldn't wanna Think that I'm not just lying here, mistakenly Thinking that I’m Thinking for no good Reason, and that's for sure. But now that I Think about it, I should probably tell you more about what I'm Thinking about what's going on around here, so I Think I'm gonna do that.

First, it seems Unusually Quiet around here today. Apparently, this is No Visitors Day, which means that Orderly Beeson will bee Mopping the Floors sometime this afternoon, then he’s gonna change the Sheets on my Bed. You’d think I’d wake up in the middle of that, wouldn’t you? I haven’t yet.

Anyway, a little earlier today, I could hear that somebody had turned on the Ward’s High-Definition TV with Built-In Surround Sound and switched over to the Channel that Broadcasts my Stories. I was enjoying just Lying here, listening to the Latest Episode of
‘As The Hive Turns’ . We just found out that Lance was having an Illicit Affair with some Floozy from another Hive, and that while he was all buzzy doing that, his Niece, Lizza, had been Secretly Taking Over her uncle's Buzziness. Lance's Confidential Secretary, Gertie (who knows all about Lance's Illicit Affair, but who usually doesn't tell anybody anything beecause she is, after all, Lance's Confidential Secretary) had decided to tell Lance all about what's been Going On beehind his Back (for the sake of the Buzziness and her Job, of course) when that *CENSORED* Nurse Beeatrice decided to go on her regular 2-Hour Early Afternoon Break, and turned off the TV as she was leaving. That meant that I never got to hear the rest of the Episode.

Seriously now. How rude is that?

But, ya’ know, I’ve had to put up with that kind of Beehaviour from her Day In and Day Out ever since I got her however long ago that was. She's gotta bee the Worst Nurse of all time… er ...

Maybee I shouldn't Think that too loudly in case she Overhears what I’m Thinking and she starts tying Knots in my Feeding Tube again (I really don’t like it when she does that). I just don't want that kind of Trouble with her - I Seriously don't want to Make Waves, even if I am still in a Coma and I can’t Move. Still, I hafta say that I also don't like it when she's standing next to my Bed pretending to take care of me and I discover that she’s standing stands on the new Portable Feeding Tube-Transmitter™ Kevin installed two days ago. It turns out that when she stands on it, it breaks the Connection. I’m pretty sure she does that on Purpose, but I can't Prove it. Yet.

You know, I pretty much get the Feeling that Beeatrice doesn't like me, but I can't Imagine why she wouldn’t, can you? I mean, I know for sure that I'm absolutely one of the Quietest and Least Demanding Patients in the Clinic, probably, and I always do my Best to keep my Thinking to myself so I don't Aggravate her, even if there's not a
*CENSORED* of a lot I can other than Think while I just Lie here all the *CENSORED* time.

Anyway, I keeping Thinking that I was going to tell you something, but I don't seem to bee able to remember what the
*CENSORED* it was, but I...


I think I hear Beeatrice coming.

Yes, it's definitely Beeatrice, and I hear a Sloshing Sound getting Louder.

I Think it's That Time of Day that she's supposed to Refresh my Nectar Bag. Yeah, I can smell it, and she's close enough that I can even… .


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