An Important Message from Kevin...


Hello. This is Kevin. In case we haven’t met, I’m my Uncle Georgie’s Illegitimate Nephew. I’ve been asked by my Uncle to convey his Deepest Regrets that he is currently unable to communicate Directly with you due to a recent Misunderstanding which led to his having suffered Numerous Injuries which were Inflicted on him by his most recent Employer, the Snark Brothers.

Evidently, Narville and Chaz Snark were not particularly Pleased when Georgie submitted his Resignation as their Door-to-Door Snarkware™ Rubber Dinner and Cookware SalesBee. Regrettably, Georgie was “Or Elsed”, and as a Result, had to bee Admitted to the Hive Clinic’s Relatively Intensive Care Unit, where he’ll bee Convalescing under the Questionable Care of Nurse Beeatrice. But beecause Nurse Beeatrice refuses to allow any Direct Contact with the Patient (Georgie), I will over the next We Don’t Know How Many Days or Weeks bee doing my Level Best to keep you, his Beeloved Readers, Informed of his Status and Progress to the Greatest Extent Possible.

Currently, Georgie is resting Mostly Comfortably under Nurse Beeatrice’s Watchful Compound Eyes, and is Highly Hopeful that he will soon bee well enough to Escape.

Thank you for your Patience, and I’ll bee in touch. -

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