Kevin gets Dressed Up and pays Georgie a Visit in the Hive Clinic...


Yeah, so this is Kevin again (you know - my Uncle Georgie’s allegedly Illegitimate Nephew). I know everybody is anxious to hear about how Uncle Georgie’s doing after his Run-In with the Snark Brothers.

Great Grandma Gee Gee was Kind enough to help me get dressed in my Official Get Dressed Up Suit - we figured that if I looked my Best, Nurse Beeatrice might bee willing to let me in to Visit my Uncle. Fortunately, we were right, though she (Nurse Beeatrice) would only let me visit for approximately 23 Seconds. That didn’t give me much time to really find out how Georgie’s doing, but I can tell you this: he’s still in a pretty bad way, and he was very Groggy.

Still, he was able to tell me that they’ve been showing Old Movies to the Patients. He told me that he had just watched that Movie, “Gravity”, and told me that he was exceedingly Upset about George Clooney dying in Space like that. I tried to tell him that George Clooney hadn’t really died, but he didn’t beelieve me. It was very clear that Georgie isn’t Thinking quite Clearly yet.

I wanted to ask him if he needed anything, but beefore he could answer, Nurse Beeatrice came in and said, “Get the hell out of here and stop bothering the Patient.”

She’s unbeelievably rude.

Anyway, we’re all hoping my Uncle will bee Released from the Hive Clinic soon, but until then, I’ll still try to keep everybody Posted about how he’s doing.

Thank you for your Patience, and I’ll bee in touch. -

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