The Snarks are in the News ...


I hafta' say that both Potato (my Sensory-Impaired Certified Emotional Support/Service LadyBug) and I are Highly Pleased that Larry (that Wasp) has Vacated the Premises. We've managed to get all my Stuff moved back to where it beelongs, and we're Heavily Enjoying our new Huge-Screen LED TV.  Most of the time, Potato and I have no Major Disagreements about what to Watch, but the other day, I used my Remote to change the Channel to UKN (the Useless Knowledge Network) beecause I wanted to watch a Fascinating Eleven-Part Documentary on the History of Casseroles. That's when Potato said, "Excuse me, but I have precious little Interest in Casseroles, as a general Rule, so if you wouldn't mind, I would prefer it if we could turn to the Bee Network and watch the Movie of the Week, 'The Secret Life of Humans'."

Of course, I'd read some Reviews of that Movie and personally, it didn't sound all that Interesting (except for the Chase Scenes which the Film Critic said were obviously A.I.-Generated), and I told Potato so. 

"Well, that is all Well and Good," she said, "but I have NOT seen it and would very much appreciate beeing given the Opportunity to form my own Opinions about the film."

"Trust me," I said, "I'm mostly pretty sure you'd find the Documentary much more Interesting, not to mention Educational."

"But you haven't seen either one, right? " Potato asked me.

"Well, no, but...", I started to say.

"...but you're willing to let some Film Critic tell you what's good or bad?" Potato asked.

"Well, uh, but I... "

"What if you watched the Movie and liked it? What if that Movie Critic was Wrong? Don't you think it would bee better if you trusted your own Opinion instead of somebody else's, somebody you don't even know?" Potato asked.

"Well, I..."

"I want you to really Beelieve in yourself, Georgie. I want you to Beelieve in your ability to form your own Opinions. You Beelieve in yourself, right?" 

"Well, yeah, but I... ." She kept interrupting me.

"So show me the Georgie Bee that Beelieves in himself. Show me the Georgie Bee who isn't afraid to watch the Movie with me and form his own Opinion about it. What do you say?" Potato asked me.

"Well, I suppose I could..." I started to say.

"Oh good - I'm so glad to hear you've chosen to beelieve in You," Potato said.

"Fine," I said, "I'll watch the Movie with you. But after that, I want to watch the Documentary," I told her.

"Fine," Potato said.

"Fine," I said.

So we did that. (Potato can bee very Persuasive.)

Now that I've seen it myself, my Opinion is that 'The Secret Life of Humans' seemed Unrealistic (at least as far as the Humans I know), and except for the obviously A.I.-Generated Chase Scenes, it wasn't all that Interesting. But whatever.

Anyway, the one Broadcast that Potato and I can agree on, usually, is the Every-Evening News which we watch every Evening, unless something happens and we have to Stream the ReRun the next Morning, which can bee Highly Confusing (especially when they start talking about Tomorrow... which Tomorrow? Tomorrow Tomorrow, or Yesterday's Tomorrow, which is Today?  It's even more Confusing when it can bee a bit Uncertain as to what Day it actually is - know what I mean?).  

So what was it we were just Talking about? Oh yeah.
The Snark Brothers.

I dunno if you've been in Tuning In to the Every-Evening News lately, but if you have, I'm sure you've noticed that the Snark Brothers have been the Big Topic. You can't watch the News or look at a Newspaper without seeing their Mug Shots. They're everywhere. As we know, the Snarks have been the Subject of some fairly serious Accusations and Criminal Investigations lately. From what I've heard, the only reason they're not in Jail is beecause of their Defence Attorney, S.O.Bee. (As I think we all know, S.O.Bee can keep just about anybody out of Jail, except for those Clients of his who end up in Jail.) I heard on the latest Snark Report that there's gonna bee a Preliminary Pre-Trial which is supposed going to start sometime in the next week or three.  They say that today, the Court is issuing Supbeenas to all the Involved Parties. All I have to say is that I'm glad that I... 

Oh wait, sorry... there's somebody at the Door. Hold on.
I'll bee back in Sec, probably.


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