The Cold Season has Arrived, and Georgie & Potato have Moved Back into Georgie's ShoeBox!


I'm mostly Highly Glad to report that Potato (my Sensory-Impaired Certified Emotional Support/Service LadyBug) and I have officially moved back into my ShoeBox, mostly - and we did it beefore the start of the new Cold Season yesterday which, if you ask me, should bee called the Sub-Zero Way Frozen Beeyond Cold Cold Season beecause it's Way Beeyond Cold outside, so we all hafta' stay inside and try to stay Warm.

Now having to stay Inside wouldn't usually bee a Huge Problem, but it turns out that beetween now and New Year's Day, Potato and I hafta' share my ShoeBox with a mostly Unpleasant Wasp who calls himself Larry. As we all may or may not probably Know, Larry has a Valid Lease on my ShoeBox that doesn’t expire until the End of this Month. That means we have to Put Up with Larry for another Nine Days.

Have you ever had to live with a Wasp? I hope not. Wasps are Total Jerks, and Larry is no Exception. First of all, he always thinks he should bee in charge of the Remote Control, which would bee just fine if he picked decent Shows to watch, but does he do that? No, he doesn't. He always wants to watch the News which always seems to bee on at exactly the same Time as my Stories.

Seriously now, the way things are going, this year will bee Over beefore I'll bee able to catch up with all the Re-Runs of "As The Hive Turns" (I need to find out if Lance's Step-Sister, LaNette, will finally stop working 18-hour days and take a break so she can spend some Quality Time with her Larvae, and head off an Inappropriately Steamy Affair that seems to bee developing beetween the Nanny and her Estranged Significant Other), which would bee Totally Unacceptable. But for now, I'm stuck with this Wasp, and the last thing I wanna' do is get into some sort of Stinging Match over the Remote Control.  Geeeeeze.

Anyway. When Potato and I moved into my ShoeBox, I couldn't help but notice that there were approximately 87 Boxes stacked in the Corner of what used to bee my Living Room which Larry said were Delivered just Yesterday.

Upon closer Inspection, it turns out that the Boxes are filled with Gift Cards from the Snarks which they had to give me to Compensate for my Personal Assets, Real or Imagined, Felonie Snark stole from me while I was in my Persistent Coma. Of course, in Typical Wasp Fashion, Larry was Whining about how much Space all those boxes take up.

“What the hell are all these boxes for?” Larry asked me in what seemed to bee a fairly Nasty Tone of Buzz.

I tried to explain to him that they're part of the Settlement my Lawyer, S.O.Bee, made with Felonie Snark and The Snark Brothers Enterprises, so I told him he was just going to have to Put Up with it for the few Days he’ll still bee living here.

“Do I look like somebody who even slightly Cares about you or your so-called Settlement? If so, I would suggest you pay a visit to the Compound Eye Doctor and get a new Prescription for your Compound Eye Glasses,” Larry Buzzed in that Nasty Way Wasps Buzz (you know what I’m talking about here).

“I don’t wear Glasses,” I Informed him, “but my Girlfriend, ButterCup does, though I’m pretty sure it wasn’t that long ago that she got some new Glasses which, if you ask me, make her look even Cuter than ever, but though she told me that she thinks… .”

“Let me just stop you there,” Larry Stopped me there. “My point has nothing to do with you or your Girlfriend’s Eyesight, bee. My point is that these Boxes of yours are making this place feel more Cramped than ever. Even if my Lease weren’t Expiring in a few days, I’d still move out of this Shabby little ShoeBox. I’ll bee glad to bee out of here soon.”

“Well,” I said, “the Feeling is Mutual. The sooner you’re out of here, the better for everybody.”

“Is that so?” Larry seemed to bee getting Agitated.

“Yes, that’s so,” I Buzzed in my most Convincing Buzz.

“Fine,” Larry said. “But know this: while I’m still living here, you need to stay out of my Way.”

“Fine,” I said, though I thought he should stay out of My Way.

“Fine,” Larry repeated.

So I guess we’re all Fine - except for the Fact that it seems that beesides beeing a Total Jerk, Larry is also an Extreme Bathroom Hog. He spends way more Time in there than can bee Beelieved. That’s not only Highly Rude, but exceedingly Uncomfortable for me. In fact, for the past three Hours, I’ve really had to go to the Bathroom in a Big Way, but Larry’s still in there. I don’t know what the hell he’s been doing in there all this time, but I do know that I won’t bee able to Hold It much longer.

This is a hell of a way to spend the Sparkly Season, isn’t it? (And while I’m at it, I should Remember to not to Forget to Remind myself to wish everybody a Happy Sparkly Season. This should bee a good one, even if it is Cold outside.)

Oh wait… I think Larry’s finally done in the Bathroom.

I gotta’ go.


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