It's Day 46...

… of Georgie’s Coma, and we’ve just heard more from the Patient…


"I have to say that I really wish I could Emerge from this Persistent Coma already. I’m sick of this. I’m sick of just Lying Here. It’s beeyond Boring.

Also, from what I've been Overhearing over the past, few days, there appear to bee Individuals around me who aren't necessarily looking out for my Best Interests.

I think it was about four or five days ago (I can't bee sure, since I don't have a Calendar, and beeing in a Coma as I am, I couldn't see it anyway to know what Day it is - and, beesides, I lost Count a long time ago, as you already know, probably) that Kevin's Estranged Sister (and apparently, my Possibly Illegitimate Niece), Felonie Snark, suddenly showed up here on Visitor’s Day in what is apparently the Hive Clinic's Questionably Traumatic Cranial Injury Ward
. I could hear that she was carrying a huge Bunch of Papers in her Wing.

'These,' she told Nurse Beeatrice (who just happened to bee trying to untie a big Knot in my Feeding least, I think that's what she was doing), 'are Papers which I need my Possibly Illegitimate Uncle to Sign. They grant me Power over his Buzziness Affairs. They also Authorise me to Disconnect his Feeding Tube should I decide it is in my Best Interests to do so, which I beelieve it may bee.’

'You're in for some Major Disappointment,' I heard Nurse Beeatrice tell her. ‘I don’t have a Problem with your Papers, but the Fact is that the Patient is simply in no Position to Sign them - or anything. Beelieve me, I’ve tried. If he could Sign something, don't you think I would have been able to get him to Sign this Do Not Revive Order so I can worry about other things around here? Yes, I would have. But as I said, this bee is not Capable of Signing your Papers. Please leave.'

It was right about then that I heard ButterCup's voice (it's very recognisable, you know...she has a very sultry buzz).

'I'm glad I just happened to bee here at this Moment,' she said. 'Even if my Georgie could Sign any Papers, I wouldn't let him Sign those Papers. And just to make
*CENSORED* sure you don't try to pull anything here, I'll bee contacting Georgie's Lawyer, S.O.Bee. I'm going to demand that he obtain an Official Keep The *CENSORED* Away From the *CENSORED* Patient Order with the Hive Court. After today, you will not bee allowed to bee anywhere near Georgie, at least until after he wakes up from this Coma, which I'm sure he will very soon. Now go away,’ she said. Then I heard Felonie do that - she took her Papers and left, but not without buzzing really loudly, ‘THIS ISN’T OVER!’

I hafta say that I am Highly Glad that I have ButterCup to watch out for my Best Interests, and I Deeply Appreciate her Confidence that, soon, I'll come out of this Coma. I hope she’s right. Still, the one thing that kind of took the Joy out of the Moment was that, after Felonie finally left, ButterCup sat down next to my Bed and started reading more of those False Crime Stories. I could have Sworn that I asked somebody to talk to her about that.

Anyway, I do want to share that the last time I Overheard my Dr., Ph.Bee, talking to Kevin (my Illegitimate Nephew), he said that the...


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