Day 77 of Georgie's Coma (It looks like that Intervention didn't work)...


Okay, I'm just gonna bee brief here, but there's something everybody needs to Know, and it's this: If you know somebody who's in a Coma (as I am), don't go running around, buzzing Festively Bouncy Inspirational Songs thinking those would help Wake them Up (they don’t), and of course, don’t think for a Minute that Dumping Huge Bins of Ice Water all over them to ‘Stimulate Consciousness’ is a Good Idea. It isn’t. It’s just Rude.

I can also tell you right now and without any Hesitation whatsoever that doing any of that Stuff will NOT bring somebody out of a
*CENSORED* Coma. It will only Irritate the Individual who is in the Coma, make them feel Highly Soggy and Cold, and run the Risk of Shorting Out any Meticulously Calibrated, Moisture-Sensitive Electrical Monitoring Equipment, which is both Expensive and Inconvenient.

So don't do that.

Okay fine, I will say that it was nice to know that I have so many Friends - my Beeps who probably care so Deeply about my Well-Beeing, and sure, it was nice to finally get a Bath after how-many-ever-days it's been since I've been in this
*CENSORED* Coma (that *CENSORED* Nurse Beeatrice doesn't like getting her Wings wet). It would have been nice if somebody would have brought along some Deep Fuzz Conditioner (I Itched like *CENSORED* as I Dried, and now it feels like my Fuzz is Inexcusably Crusty), but I guess it feels good to at least bee Rinsed Off again, and Cleaner, mostly.

Still, don't do that to somebody in a Coma. It's Amazingly Rude, especially if you don't have any Deep Fuzz Conditioner with you.

However, I have noticed that the Reliability of Kevin's (you know, Felonie Snark’s Estranged Brother’s) Device that's allowing you to hear my Thoughts is in Serious Question. It's not Reliable at all. Ever since everybody started throwing those Bins of Ice Water all over me, the Link beetween my Brain and Kevin's Transcriber just suddenly stops working, and it always seems to take Kevin a Week to Ten Days to finally get it Fixed.

It's Highly Annoying and Amazingly Inconvenient when I need to Convey something Important, but the
*CENSORED* Link isn't Working Properly, for *CENSORED* crying out loud.

For instance, I'll bee right smack dab in the middle of trying to share a... .


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