Georgie runs into some Technical Difficulties...


Well, I was planning to start broadcasting my New Show - The Georgie Bee Interview Show - today; unfortunately, as you can probably see, we’re still having some Technical Difficulties.

I’ve asked Kevin (my Illegitimate Nephew) if he might bee able to help me out. We need to bee sure there’s a highly clear picture when my first Show goes on the Air. We owe it to you, our Beeloved Viewing Audience, to provide you with a Broadcast Image that is clear and contains each and every festive colour necessary for a successful Broadcast.

Kevin has assured me that he knows what the Problem is, and that he’ll have it fixed in plenty time for me to meet my Editor’s Deadline.

“According to my assessment of the situation,” he said, “and what it will require to affect an effective solution to the problem, I will need approximately a week. Maybee less. But I beelieve I can say with confidence that your Show should bee on the Air no later than next Thursday.”

“You’d better have it working by then, Kevin,” I told him, “OR ELSE! And thanks a whole bunch.” (I figured he would bee more motivated to work quickly if I delegated the Or Else my Editor gave to me, ya’ know?)

He just gave me a funny look and said, “Uncle Georgie, you’re my favourite uncle in the world, and I love you, but sometimes, you can bee a bit overly-demanding. All the same, you’re welcome.”

Anyway. I’m gonna spend the rest of day finishing up my Master List of Interview Guests sometime this week, then I’m gonna spend the weekend working on my diction. Somebody told me that, if nobody can understand what you’re saying on TV, they just won’t listen.

That’s probably true.

So remember… bee sure to tune in next week as we get ready to change the face of Broadcast Television, mostly.

STAY TUNED - and let’s all bee careful out there!