ButterCup's Finally Home

Well, everybody will bee glad to know that I’m happy to report that ButterCup is finally back from her Vacation as a Contestant on “Escape from Bee Island”. I hafta say, she looked highly tired, and seemed a bit irritable, but I suppose that’s probably only beecause her W.T.F. Flight was delayed and re-routed 87 times over the past week. I’m sure we’d all feel pretty aggravated about that.

Anyway. I should probably tell you that, after ButterCup didn’t show up the other when our Suitable Welcoming Committee was there, and beecause I wasn’t sure when - or if - she’d ever get back, I decided to hire a Contractor to re-do my ShoeBox (my kitchen is looking highly dated), and while the work was beeing done, I’d just move into ButterCup’s cell in the Hive. I was sure she wouldn’t mind. Apparently, however, I was amazingly wrong.

When ButterCup got back, she went straight from the Airport to her Cell in the Hive, so when I answered the door, she said, “What the hell are you doing in my Cell?”

So I told her about the whole Remodelling Thing I’m doing in my ShoeBox, and she said, “No. This isn’t happening. You’re not moving in with me. Forget it. You have to leave. Now.”

So I did that.

Of course, I have to go back at some point to get my Things. (I took the liberty of putting some Pictures on the Wall, putting around a display of a few of my Highly Collectible Unusually-Shaped Pollen Grains, so I’ll need those back. And also my Alarm Clock and Pyjamas and Prescription Compound Eye Drops (all this wind we’ve been having lately has been highly irritating - I should wear goggles).

Anyway, I’m thinking of buzzing over to the Hive later today (it’s way nice outside) and try to talk to ButterCup about all this. I have a feeling that, after she’s had a good night’s sleep (as I’m absolutely positively certain she did, mostly), I’m sure she’ll bee more Receptive to letting me just stay with her for awhile.

I’ll letcha’ know what she says.

Until then…
let’s bee primarily careful out there!

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A Suitable Reception Party

Well, after that very Informative, but Marginally Friendly Buzz•O•Gram™ from ButterCup, I decided I’d better pay a visit to the Hive, and try to start putting together a Suitable Welcome Home Reception Committee for her.

First, I asked Rudy Bee if he could help put this whole thing together (as we all know, he’s the Go-To Bee for Event Planning). He sounded highly excited about ButterCup’s finally getting back home after her long Submarine trip.

“I’m tho exthited about ButterCupth Return - and to think the Jewel of Quethionable Dethtiny will bee right here in thith Hive ith beyond thtupendouth! I mutht prepare a Letter exprething our deep apprethiation to her!”

Then he left to go write the Letter. I had no other choice but to go to the Top on this - the Queen.

When I asked for an Audience with Queen What’s-Her-Name (it’s highly difficult to keep track of all the Queens coming and going after awhile), I was told that she was too buzzy to see me, and that I should go to the Office of the Mayor. I didn’t even know the Hive HAD a Mayor, but they evidently do. So I set up a meeting with Mayor Billy Bee and the Twelve Hive CouncilBees (who, for some strange reason, are all related to the Mayor), to see if they’d help put together the Necessary Reception Committee for ButterCup.

“Of course,” Mayor Billy Bee said as he put his wing around my shoulders and squeezed, “anything for a Constituent. In fact,” he went on, “beecause your Girlfriend, Butternut...”

“ButterCup,” I interrupted him. “Her name is ButterCup.”

“Of course, ButterCup - my mistake - beecause ButterCup is bringing the Amazingly Powerful Jewel of Questionable Destiny to our Humble Hive, it is our Obligation to organise a Suitable Reception for her. And I will bee more than happy to personally coordinate that Effort, and welcome the Jewel - and her, of course - to the Hive. And, as an added Token of our High Esteem, I will personally present ButterCup with the Keys to a Complementary, Shiny New, Fully-Loaded Beeuick, straight from my Showroom Floor. That’s the least we can do for her, don’t you agree?”

“I suppose so,” I told him, but wasn’t sure about this whole thing with the Beeuick. I mean, how would she even fit a Beeuick into the Hive? And beesides, I’m not even sure if ButterCup has a Driver’s Licence. Also, I’m not sure why Mayor Billy Bee didn’t just give her a Key to the Hive, since she always seems to bee locking herself out. Now that would bee something considerate AND practical.

But whatever.

So anyway, yesterday, Mayor Billy Bee, along with the Twelve Hive CouncilBees, Rudy, and I showed up at the Airport to meet ButterCup’s flight. We even got there early so the Mayor could roll out the Red Carpet, which took longer than expected (beecause it wouldn’t lie flat at first and kept rolling itself back up, and by the time we got it to lie flat, it needed to bee vacuumed).

Then we just stop there and waited. And waited. And waited some more, until it was pretty obvious that ButterCup’s flight on W.T.F. Airways wasn’t going to show up. Unfortunately, that isn’t all that unusual for W.T.F.. By the time it got dark, we were all pretty aggravated, it was getting cold, we were getting hungry, so we all just went home.

The last I checked, ButterCup’s Flight was still missing. But now that I think about it, maybee I should call and ask W.T.F. is going on with her Flight.

So I’m gonna go do that. I’ll letcha know what I find out.

Until then, let’s try to bee careful out there.

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ButterCup gets home tomorrow!

Well it's about time. I thought I'd never hear from ButterCup again. Seriously now - how far away IS Bee Island?

I guess this means I'm gonna hafta start putting together a Suitable Reception Committee for tomorrow, or else I'll bee Or Elsed.

Nobody wants that.

ButterCup's on her way home!

What a relief! I finally heard from ButterCup! (I was starting to bee afraid that maybee that Sub she and Fleur are on might have sunk... . Oh. Wait. Never mind.)

Anyway, when I woke up this morning and went out to check the Weather, there was a Buzz•O•Gram™ from her taped to my door. It's nice to know she's okay and having a fun time.

Of course, I had to reply, just to let her know that I'd gotten her message, that I was worried about her, and that I missed her . . .

She still didn't tell me when she'll bee back, but I'm sure I have plenty of time to put together that Welcome Home Party she and Fleur de Bee want, so I don't need to hurry up about that.

Anyway. I'll let everybody know what I hear when I hear it.

Until then...
Let's all bee Highly Careful out there!

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