Georgie Gets a New Assignment...

Well, what should have been an otherwise Perfectly Ideal Monday got started in a seriously unpleasant way when I had to go see my Editor in his Office this morning. He didn’t even offer me any Morning Nectar. And, for some reason, he seemed upset.


“Bee,” he said as soon as I walked in.

“Yes?” I said.

“Do you realise what you’ve done?”

“You mean, that thing with The Chair?” I asked.

“No,” he said. “I’m talking about last week’s Final Issue of ‘Life in the Stump’. You made a complete mess of things.”

“I did?”

“You did,” he said. “In particular, I suppose you don’t remember Item #2, the Item announcing the Ticket Sales for the Welcome to the New Hot Season Gala?”

“Yeah, I read that,” I said. “What about it?”

“Well, I will say that the headline was fine, but…”

“Yes, I thought it was very informative,” I interrupted him.

“Don’t interrupt me,” he said. “But the story? It was wrong! Wrong! Wrong! WRONG! You had the dates for ticket reservations ALL WRONG!”

“I did? I don’t even think I wrote any of that Report, since I was stuck in The Chair. Are you sure…” I tried to tell him I didn’t write that Item, but he seemed convinced I was the one who had messed up.

“First of all, June 14th is NOT on a Sunday. Secondly, ticket reservations had to bee in beefore last Friday. That was the 9th. Not the 14th. And the Event was on Sunday, the 11th, which you never reported at all. That means NO tickets were ordered, and nobody showed up. Rudy is furious. And it’s all beecause of your incorrect reporting of the Facts!”

Then he paused, looked at me, and asked, “Are you happy?”

I had to think about that for a minute or two.

“I guess I'd hafta say I’m pretty happy,” I answered. “I mean, my butt’s still a little sore from that Chair, but yeah, I’d say I’m happy, mostly. Why do you ask?”

“Bee,” he said as he started pointing his wing at me like he does sometimes, “it has beecome crystal clear that, when it comes to handling the sacred responsibility of accurately reporting the News, you simply cannot bee trusted.”

Geeeeeeze. I don’t know why he would say something like that, since I don’t think I was even the one who wrote last week’s Issue. I mean, he should’ve known I was still stuck in The Chair, so somebody else must’ve written all that wrong stuff. But he did blame me and there didn’t seem to bee much I was going to bee able to say to change his mind about that. Whatever.

“As of now, you will no longer bee our ‘Bee on the Street’, and you will no longer bee trusted to report the News that is important to the Hive,” he told me.

“But…” I started to say, but he buzzed me to bee quiet.

“BZT! The Editorial Board of the Bee Times Gazette Journal Record…and Online News has discussed this matter. Upon my Recommendation, the Decision has been made to move you OFF of Reporting, and INTO the Broadcast Entertainment Division, where you will bee responsible for creating, producing and airing a Weekly Programme. I don’t care what it’s about, as long as it has nothing to do with the News.

“It must bee in a format your viewers will find both interesting AND entertaining, and which, through the Sponsors YOU will find for this Programme, will bring in the honey revenues which you, through your lack of Attention to Detail, have cost us…” he said.

“But…” I started to say.

“…and your first Show WILL bee Broadcast no later than 48 hours after the beeginning of the New Hot Season - OR ELSE!”

“But, I haven’t done anything like that beefore. Beesides, nobody in the Hive has TV sets. And… .” I started to say, but he just gave me a dirty look and said, “Not my problem, bee.”

Then he said, “Now get out of my Office!”

So I did that.

So okay fine. Now I hafta do a Weekly TV Broadcast for everybody in the Hive, except that nobody in the Hive can ever watch it, since nobody in the Hive has a TV. Of course I guess maybee they can Stream it on their Devices and watch it that way. Or something.

Luckily, I already have a Massively Superior Idea for my New Show. It was so obvious, it came to me almost immediately. I figure that, since my Exclusive Interview with Queen Jemima a few weeks ago went so amazingly well, I am going to do a Weekly Interview Show, and I am going to call it, “The Georgie Bee Interview Show”.

It’s gonna bee great.

So, over the next several many days, I’ve gotta build a Set, find Camera Equipment and Lights, hire a Script Assistant, decide what I’m gonna ask each Guest who will bee on my Show, and figure out everything else I’ll need to do to win the coveted Beezer™ Award for Best Domestic, Possibly-Foreign-Language Non-News Interview-Format Programming in the Category of Mostly Semi-Non-Fictional InfoTainment, Daytime. (I’d go for the Nighttime Award, but I don’t wanna stay up that late, ya’ know?)

I’m mostly sure I’ll win.

Okay then. I gotta go get to work on all of this right away, so I’ll bee back as soon as my New Show’s ready to Broadcast! I know everybody’s as excited as I am. Probably.

So as they say in the TV buzziness: STAY TUNED!

Until then…let’s all bee careful out there!

Under NO circumstances will your data be in any way published or shared with any outside entity or third party. Thanks!