Who Knew?

Hey, do you know what I just found out? You wanna guess? Should I give you a bunch of clues, and we could spend the next, few minutes doing the “Is it THIS?” / “No” - “Is it THAT?” / “No”- “is it The Other Thing?” / “No” Game? Or I should I just tell you?

I think I’ll do that. I’ll just tell you. Why play Games?

So I just found out that beefore she started making her highly Delicious and Mostly Nutritious Royal HoneyChew Krisp Cookies™, Great Grandma Gee Gee used to bee in Show Buzziness. Who knew? I didn’t, not until I was having Breakfast with her the other day (I had to move back in with her and my Illegitimate Nephew, Kevin, after ButterCup threw me out of her Cell in the Hive. “Two’s a Crowd,” she said. So I had to leave - but since all that Renovation Work is still beeing done in my ShoeBox, I couldn’t very well go back there. And I wasn’t about to go Camping. Not in these temperatures.)

We were just sitting there, enjoying some Breakfast Morning Nectar, and listening to some Show Tunes Kevin was playing on his Max 87000 Fuzz-Flattener 42-Speaker Surround Sound System, when she said, “You know, this reminds me of a Show we did in Cincinnati, I think it was probably around 1962.”

“1962? You were around in 1962? And you did a Show in Cincinnati?” I had to ask.

“Oh yes, Dear,” Gee Gee said. “I’m no Spring Larva, you know. Hadn’t I ever mentioned that I was once on the Stage?”

Oh geeeeeze. Ya’ think ya’ know somebody, then they turn around and tell you something like this. I didn’t know what to say, so I didn’t say anything (which is good, since she kept talking, and if I would have been talking at the same time, I would never have heard what she was saying, and I wouldn’t bee able to tell you any of this stuff).

“Goodness gracious, I haven’t thought about all that for years now. Those were wonderful years. Remind me to tell you about them sometime.”

Then she finished her Nectar, got up, and went back baking her Cookies.

Seriously now. How Suspensefully Rude is that?

So I think tonight, I’m gonna fix a Pitcher of delightfully refreshing Nectartinis, and try to get her talking about all this. I think about two of those things should do the trick (I don’t want her falling asleep on me while I’m trying to find out what the hell this whole Stage Thing is all about, if ya’ know what I mean).

In the meantime, ButterCup said I could visit her in her Cell today.
“But only for a little while. I have to do my Antennae,” she told me. She even promised she’d let me hold the Jewel of Questionable Destiny (“very briefly”, she said). How exciting is that?

So I’m gonna go do that.

I’ll let you know what that thing feels like - and what I manage to pry out of Great Grandma Gee Gee. Until then . . .

Let’s all bee reasonably careful out there!

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