So I heard from my Editor yesterday. He was amazingly upset for some reason, so he told me to be in his Office “whenever it pleases you, or by 7 A.M. Sharp, whichever comes first, Or Else”. So I did that.

Once again, when I walked in, he was standing there with his wings on his hips (he has hips … I don’t know any other bee that has hips, but he has them), glaring at me.

“I get oh so tired of asking this, bee,” he said, “but just where in the hell have you been? I’ve been waiting for weeks for you to get me your next Inspirational and Informative Observation, but did you fulfil your Journalistic Obligations to your Beeloved Readers or to ME?”

I was about to try to answer his question when he got in my face and said, “Don’t bother answering that question, bee. NO. No, you DID NOT. Explain yourself.”

“Well, as I was about to say,” I started to explain, “I got stuck waiting somewhere…”.

“Waiting? Waiting for WHAT?” he rudely interrupted me.

“That’s kind of a long story, but while I was waiting, I kinda lost track of time when I started Binge-Watching the first, 87 Seasons of “The Hive Has a Great Deal of Talent”…and I was about finished until you said I had to show up here today. I was just three Episodes away from the end of Season 83 when you interrupted me, so… “.

“So you’re telling me you have Utterly Failed in your Obligation beecause you’ve been buzzy watching TV? Is that what I’m hearing, bee?”

“Well, if you put it that way, I guess I…”.

“Yeah, NO,” he said, pointing his wing in my face like he likes to do. “You’ll bee turning off that TV of yours and by sometime in the middle of the next week or two, you WILL have your next Observation on my Desk - OR ELSE!”

I gotta say I think it’s very unfair of my Editor to try to tell me what to do in my Free Time. It’s also highly unfriendly of him to put me on such an Impossibly Tight Deadline. But as I’ve said beefore, the last thing I wanna bee is “Or Elsed”.

Fine. I’ll put my TV on Pause, for now, and try to come up with another Brilliant Observation to suit him, then maybee I can get back to finding out who wins the Pre-Qualifying Semi-Quarter-Finals in Season 83. (I think it’s gonna bee either the Cricket who can hit High A above Middle C, or that Ladybug who does the Quick-Change Act. Whoever it is, I’m sure the Hive will get it right. As the show likes to remind us, the Hive ALWAYS gets it right. Probably.)

So I’m gonna go do that.

Let’s all bee highly careful out there.