Observation #31: Communications Skills, or not



I’m sorry. I must’ve dozed off there for awhile. It’s been mostly not warm lately, so it’s kinda hard to stay awake, especially when my Stories on TV are all re-runs. I would absolutely still bee asleep without any doubt whatsoever, probably, if that bee, Buzzly, hadn’t banged on my ShoeBox Door and interrupted a really great dream I was having that I was visiting the King of France in Nebraska, and ran into a cloud of Pollen that was telling jokes which, for some reason, didn’t seem all that unusual at the time. Since I was so Rudely Awakened, I kinda forgot the rest of the dream, other than it had something to do with this Squadron of dancing bees and me having to stack a whole bunch of cases of Great Grandma Gee Gee’s Royal HoneyChew Krisp Cookies™ (“Mmm-mmm-they’re so good”™) beefore the Rabbit had to leave, which was fairly exhausting, so I woke up feeling intensely tired and groggy. I hate that.

So Buzzly kept banging on the Door, interrupted that whole dream, and I mostly woke up. “What the hell?” I thought I heard myself think as I opened the Door and saw Buzzly standing there, all in a panic.

“Georgie,” I heard him say, “I freed your kelp. I’ve got a terrific pair in my lead swing.”
“My kelp? I don’t know what that is, but I guess it’s good that it’s free now. And a pair of what? Or do you mean the fruit? No, I don’t have any pears. They’re not in Season,” I told him.
“No,” he kept at me, “not a PEAR, a TEAR. And I need your HELP.”
“You have a tear? You have a tear in your lead swing? I didn’t know you could tear lead…and why would anybody want a swing made out of lead, for cryin’ out loud? I mean first, it would bee way too heavy, and second… .”
“NO!” he was getting louder, “I have a tear in my LEFT WING. What’s the matter with you? Have you got knots in your Banana?”
“What is it with you and the fruit today?” I asked him. “And what does any of this have to do with me, anyway? I need to get back to stacking all those… .”
“Let me just stop you right there,” he interrupted me. Buzzly seemed to bee getting highly annoyed for some reason, and started heavily shouting at me.
“GEORGIE! Listen CAREFULLY: I have a terrific TEAR in my LEFT WING, and I need your HELP! Are you still with me?”
“Of course,” I told him.
“Good. I came by to see if you’re still selling those Pre-Fabricated Semi-Toxic Replacement Wings you used to sell.”
“Oh hell no,” I told him. “Those things were a disaster. We had a lot - a LOT - of Complaints about those things, and usually a lot of Fatalities, but I had to sign a Document promising never to talk about any of that again - Or Else.”

Buzzly seemed highly disappointed, but he said “So that’s a no. Fine,” then just beefore he left, he mumbled, “If I were you, I’d get those blots out of your Bananas.”

“I don’t have any bananas,” I told him. “I don’t like them. I mean, they taste pretty much okay, but they make me constipated.”

Buzzly just kind of rolled his eyes, threw his one good wing up and stormed away. Geeeeeze. How rude is that? I guess there are some bees that just aren’t that good at Skilled Communication.

Anyway, I guess now that I’m awake (I can hardly ever get back to sleep after something like that, ya’ know what I mean?) I need to go try to get these knots out of my Antennae. They’re really uncomfortable.

So I’m gonna go do that.

Let’s all bee highly careful out there!

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