Excuse the Brief Interruption...

Okay then. Yesterday, I was completely minding my own buzziness, 
mostly, when I got an unexpected note from my Editor (I guess 
he’s not on vacation, after all). The note said, “Bee in my Office 
first thing tomorrow Morning . . . OR ELSE!”

Oh geeeeze.

Anyway, I did that. I just got back from there, and let me tell you, 
if I would’ve known that he would’ve been in that kind of mood,
I would’ve waited until Monday, when the chances are better
that everybody would bee in a highly better mood. Even him.

When I walked in, he looked at me and said, “So?”
“So what?” I asked him.
“Don’t cop that attitude with me, bee,” he said. “You know
very well what I’m talking about.”

I didn’t, so I asked, “What?” I really wanted to know.

“It’s come to my attention that you have been largely absent
from your Duties at this Publication during this Hot Season.”
“Really?” I asked him, “I’m not sure that’s entirely true,” I told him.
“I’ve been here the entire time, and so far, nobody else has 
complained at all, probably.”

“WRONG, bee. We’ve had a LOT of complaints over the fact that
you don’t seem to want to bee bothered to offer your Beeloved
Readers your questionably valuable Insights on any sort of 
dependable basis. That is unacceptable. Your Job Performance
has been Highly Deficient, and I won’t have it!”

He kind of went on like that for awhile, accusing me of doing
nothing but laying around the entire Season and eating a bunch
of HoneyChew Krisp Cookies™ and beeing constiplated, then he 
said, “Listen up, bee: YOU will have your next Assignment on MY
DESK promptly at some point next week and have it ready for
publication... OR ELSE! Now get out of my Office!”

I really don’t like it when he gets like that, but there wasn’t much
I could say other than, “Fine.” I will say it was very nice getting
out of his Office and I really wished I could have left a lot sooner.
The whole experience just wasn’t pleasant. At all. 

Does anybody else think my Job Performance has been Highly 
Deficient? Yeah, I didn’t think so, either. 

Anyway, it looks like I’m gonna hafta’ spend the next few days
trying to figure out what the hell my next Assignment is (my
Editor wasn’t specific at all), so I should probably go do that.

Let’s all bee highly careful out there.