Happy 1st Day of the New Hot Season!

I just want to bee the first to wish everybody a Happy First Day of the New Hot Season! Even if I’m not the first one to say that to you today, just pretend I was so that we both feel better about the whole thing, okay?


So, as you can see, Kevin managed to finish fixing the Technical Problem we were experiencing with our Broadcast Signal. We’re ready to start the Show. Mostly.

My first Interview will bee the day after tomorrow, and I’ve been very busy getting her ready for her Life-Changing Appearance on my Show. At the moment, she’s beeing a bit difficult, though, and keeps telling me she isn’t sure if she wants to do the Interview.

“You know how I am about publicity,” she told me yesterday. I told her I did, but that I was completely sure everything was gonna bee fine, probably.

I dunno why, but she still doesn’t seem convinced. But don’t worry. I’m a very persuasive bee, as you already know. All the marketing on her Appearance has already been sent out, and unless she wants to hafta deal with my lawyer (S.O.Bee) and a massive Breach of Contract Suit, she’ll show up for her Interview. A deal’s a deal, right?

Okay then. I gotta go bee persuasive somewhere else.
Again, Stay Tuned for my New Show on Thursday!

Until then…let’s all bee careful out there.