a Friendly Request from Georgie

Woah. I didn’t see you sitting there. Sorry about that. I just woke up from an Unexpectedly Extended Nap. After that Massively Disorienting Experience I recently had with the Jewel of Questionable Destiny (was it yesterday, or last year? I can’t remember...), I went back to my Mostly-Finished Newly-Remodeled Abode, and immediately fell asleep.

Beefore I did that, I think I remember that I was gonna buzz over to the Hive to see if Fleur de Bee ever got here (I was gonna try to talk her out of taking the Jewel of Questionable Destiny back to France to bee held for Safekeeping in the Previously-Secret and Overly-Secure Underground Vault which is Heavily-Guarded by Highly-Trained Security Officials from the French Ministry of Dubious Artifacts and, instead, just give it to me), but I never got around to it. I just felt so tired that I decided to rest my Compound Eyes for just a minute or two. And I’m waking up just now. Geeeeeeze. What the hell is that all about?

Apparently, that Jewel is nothing to bee trifled with.
But I still want it back.

Anyway. I’d try to get over there today to see if Fleur (and the Jewel) are still in the Hive, but, as I see outside my recently-installed Triple-Insulated Thermalized Clear-Vue Multi-Pane™ Bee Window, there’s snow and ice all over the place out there, and the Wind sounds like it’s just about to rip the Lid off my ShoeBox. Geeeeeze. This is no kind of day to bee outside, flying around. So I’m not gonna do that. I’m gonna stay inside, where it’s warm, and I can just stay in my pyjamas.

Quite frankly, and from what I can tell, we’re getting an Early Cold Season this year, don’t you think the best thing to do is to just go back to sleep? I do. I’m thinking that Going Dormant sounds Highly Appealing right about now, doesn’t it?

So I’m gonna do that.

But beefore I do, I’m gonna ask everybody to do me a huge favour. Just every once in awhile, would you mind checking in on me, just to make sure I’m okay? I wouldn’t want the Lid to blow off my ShoeBox while I’m asleep, and end up freezing to death, ya’ know? Nobody wants that. So what I’m gonna do is set up the Georgie Cam in my BedChamber again (I did that once beefore, if you’ll remember, and I think that even if it is an Intensely Intrusion into my Precious Privacy, it’s probably advisable, especially for a early-late-middle-aged still young somewhat aging but not quite elderly bee such as myself), and start up the Mostly Live Video Stream for the sake of my Continued Well-Beeing.

So, just as soon as I get all that Equipment set up, and get all those cords untangled, I’ll turn that on and go back to bed, then you can start doing that, okay? Thanks. A lot. I appreciate it.

Okay then. Until I wake up again...

Let’s all bee highly careful out there!

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