Here's hoping Georgie can find his beret so he can write his review . . .


Well, I never found my "Important Things To Do" List, but luckily, my Editor buzzed over today to tell me that, next time I write my Human Movie & TV review, I hafta' bee more brief. Or else.
"Or else what?" I asked him.
"Or else you're fired, that's what," he buzzed at me. "Nobody has the time to read something that just goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on."
"Fine. I get your point," I told him. "I'll try to bee more efficient with my brilliant observations."

Then he said, "And you'd better have your review in my wings by the end of buzziness Thursday. Or else."
"Or else what?" I asked him again.

For some reason, he just gave me a dirty look and left without explaining himself.

Geeeeeeze, I'm incredibly glad that he reminded me of what that important thing is I hafta do today. It would have been a real disaster if the world had been deprived of my review of the movie I picked out.

Just as soon as I find my beret, I'll bee working on that for tomorrow. (I wonder where I put that thing. I need to go find it if I'm gonna meet my deadline, ya' know.)

Tune in tomorrow to find out if I managed to find it - and read what is sure to bee an informative, highly useful and not-to-bee-missed review of that highly popular Comedy Film Classic, "Poltergeist". (I know you can't wait, but you'll have to. It's not Friday yet.)

I hope everybody has an inherently pleasant day!

I'll see ya' later!