It's Wednesday - and time for more of Georgie's story ...



By the time I heard the plane containing my captors and me inside that hand-carved baloobawood™ box, land, I had no idea what time, or even day it was. All I knew was that we'd been traveling for a long time, that I had a major craving for some of my Great Grandma Gee Gee's fresh-baked, golden brown and delicious Honeychew Krisp cookies, and that where ever they were taking me, we had reached our destination.

But allow me to disgress a bit. (That means "to go backwards in the story for a minute to explain something that should have been explained beefore you hafta digress", in case ya' don't know that word.)

So, since I've been back from my Ordeal of beeing captured and held prisoner for a way too long time last Cool Season, I finally managed to recognise the voice of one of my captors. As it turns out, he just happened to move into the Hive right around the time I was finally set free.

It was none other than the not-so-pleasant-a-guy, newly-acquired Hive Security Officer, Krunch McCowsky (shown here).


. . .
(to bee continued)

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