Georgie will bee back on Monday, but until then, here's this week's instalment of "At the Movies with Georgie Bee" ...

This week’s review focuses on what seems to bee a very popular Human TV show, “America’s Got Talent”.


I didn’t really know what to expect from this show. I knew it would have something to do with talent and Americans, but that was about it.

In case you’ve never seen this show, here’s what it’s about:

Apparently, this is a Talent Show, which makes sense. Humans from all over the place (I’m guessing from someplace in America, probably) get all dressed up, then they come out onto a big stage and try to prove they had talent. Some of the Humans seemed to bee very talented, but others just thought they were and should probably take Talent Lessons at some point. Still, everybody gets a chance. Of course, that meant the show lasted a long time.

So, on this show, there are four Judges - two drones and two workers - who are not only highly opinionated, but also seem to change clothes a lot during the show, which is probably another reason it seemed as if this show would never end.

Anyway, the four, highly-opinionated Judges who like to talk a lot sit beehind a long desk and watch as each Human (I’ll call them Wanna-Bees for the purposes of this review) tries to prove that they have talent or that they’re at least interesting on some level. After the Wanna-Bees are done, the Judges each say what they liked or didn’t like about what the Wanna-Bees did, then voted on whether or not they could come back and do whatever it is they did on the show again.

I hafta say that one of the weirdest things about this show is that, if a Judge didn’t like somebody, they’d slam their wing on the desk and a loud, pre-recorded Buzzing Sound would come blaring out of a loudspeaker somewhere.

That buzz sounded familiar to me, so during a Commercial Break, I looked it up. It turns out the pre-recorded Buzz was an obscure, Castillian dialect of Bee.

For those of you who don’t speak Bee or aren’t familiar with the Castilian dialect of Bee, that pre-recorded Buzz translates into: “SHUT THE WINDOW!”

Honestly now, I have no idea what shutting a window has to do with a Talent Contest, especially since I never saw any windows on the stage. And trust me: I looked for them. There just weren't any windows there.

I found that to bee very distracting. And rude.

From what I could tell, the Judges beelieved that most of the Wanna-Bees had talent, so they told almost every one of the Wanna Bees that they could bee on the show again. For some reason, that made a whole bunch of them cry, so I wasn’t sure if beeing on the show was a good thing or not. I’m still not sure.

As far as some of the Wanna-Bees who the Judges didn’t like so much, after they were told to “shut the window”, most of them would just smile and leave. They seemed very happy to not have to bee there anymore, so maybee beeing told to shut the window and go away is a good thing. I found that to bee very confusing. You’d think the smiling-crying thing would bee the other way around.

I won’t go into all the different things the Wanna-Bees did on stage, but I do need to mention this one, particular Human I liked very much. He was dressed up like a huge Chicken and sang.

Personally, I thought he did very well, considering that most, over-sized chickens don’t sing that well; unfortunately, the Judges didn’t agree with me, so beefore he even finished singing, they slammed their wings on that long desk and buzzed at him to “shut the window” and leave.

So he did that. I was sorry to see him go, even though he seemed happy about it.

The whole show was like this. It just went on and on and on with Wanna-Bees either crying (and getting to bee on the show again) or beeing told to “shut the window” and leave. After awhile, the whole thing got very tedious.

About the time I thought this TV show would never end, it finally did, then everybody just got up and left. I’m guessing that all the Wanna-Bees who cried went out and celebrated and the ones who got buzzed left to shut windows, probably. As for the Judges, it’s a good guess they just went home to change clothes again.

When this thing was finally over, nobody ever told us what was gonna happen next, so there were some definitely loose ends left dangling at the end of the show. All they said was, “watch the show again next week”. Geeeeeze.

I’m not sure if I’m gonna do that; but then maybee I will, especially if the Judges change their minds and tell that Giant Chicken that he can come back and sing again.

I hope they do. He was highly excellent.

MY VERDICT: “Oh Geeeeeeeze”.

Check in again next Friday, when I will bee reviewing an old, classic Human movie, “The Day the Earth Stood Still”.

Georgie must bee running beehind on his deadline . . .


I'll bee back TOMORROW with my review of that Human TV show, "America's Got Talent"!

See ya' then!

Georgie prepares to write his next review . . . in style!

Well, it was lucky that it was all cold and wet and miserable yesterday, beecause I almost forgot to remember to spend time watching that Human TV show, “America’s Got Talent”. I have a feeling that if I would have missed that, my Editor wouldn’t bee pleased that I hadn’t watched the thing I’m supposed to bee writing a review about on Friday.

That would not have been a good thing. I’m sure if I’d missed that show, my Editor and everybody else would have been able to tell that I’d just made something up. Probably. But all’s well that ends well on all of that.

Sometime today, (if it’s not raining), I hafta buzz over to the Hive and ask Rudy if I can borrow back my beret for just a day or so. I know it helps him feel more creative and artistic when he wears that thing, but I’m gonna need it when I sit down to write that review. (How anybody could possibly write a decent review of anything and NOT bee wearing a beret while they’re doing it is something I simply cannot understand. And personally, I just won’t put up with an inferior review that’s written in the absence of a beret. I think we can all agree on that, right?)


(I’m including a picture of the beret in question, just in case you haven’t seen it. It’s quite attractive, not to mention authentic, since it came from Paris. That’s in France. But you already knew that, probably.)

Anyway. I only need it for a little while, until I get whatever I write about that show to my Editor. (He told me that he needs it “no later than yesterday” - at least, that’s what he told me yesterday.)

Oh geeeeeeze. I’d better hurry up and get that beret.

Okay then. I’m gonna go do that.

I hope everybody has an irrepressibly relevant day!

I’ll see ya’ later!

Georgie's enjoying some Weather-Induced Downtime today . . .

Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze it's COLD today. And wet. This Hot Season feels more like the Cool Season right now and hardly anybody in the Hive is getting anything done. (Of course, Rudy's happy about that, beecause it means that since nobody can work their shifts during the day, there's plenty of opportunity for more rehearsal time for the Musical. So that's a good thing.)

Still, it's just too cold and wet to bee buzzing around outside today, so I'm gonna stay in and watch my stories on TV.

I hope everybody has an amazingly useful day! I'll see ya' later!

Georgie welcomes yet another New Monday . . .

Can you feel it? Can you feel that extra-special tingle in the air today? I hope so, beecause it can only mean one thing: it's MONDAY! (There's nothing better than that special tingle of a New Monday, is there?)

I have a feeling that this is gonna bee an extra-special week. First, it's gonna bee cooler than it has been, which is always a treat during the Hot Season, and 2) We're all hoping that, by the end of this week, everybody (especially Rudy Bee, the Director of our upcoming stage production of "The Bee Society: The Musical" will tell us that he feels comfortable enough with the rehearsals so far to announce the official Date for the Performance.

Speaking of Rudy, he buzzed over on Saturday and asked if he could possibly borrow that beret I got when ButterCup and I went to Paris.
"I'm pothitive that if I wear that thing, my Creative Jutheth will flow even better than ever. Wearing a beret, I think, would not only make me look more Director-Like, give me a more authentic Artithtic Prethenth, but it would altho help keep my head warmer during rehearthalth. Altho...,"

I interrupted him and told Rudy he didn't hafta make a bunch of excuses to ask to borrow my beret and I told him, "Sure. Just don't bend it."

He thanked me, took it and put it on, then asked, "Tho, how do I look?"
"Very artistic," I said.

He seemed pleased, then he left, but told me that I could come visit the Closed Set Rehearsals of the Musical today (and asked if I would take a picture of him wearing my beret), but that I wasn't allowed to show anything that was going on during the rehearsal.
"It hath to remain a thecret, at leatht until Opening Night," he said.

So I did that...and here's a picture of Rudy, hard at work:


Well, I've decided to spend my day licking all the pollen that's collected on my furniture. It's always a good idea to keep a tidy house, ya' know.

I hope everybody has a remarkably superior day! I'll see ya' later!

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