It's Monday...and Georgie & the gang are off on their Vacation!

Monday, October 31, 2016

I just gotta say that I’m highly excited! Not only is it Monday, but it’s also Hallowe’en Day!!!! Of course, I’m also unbeelievably sad, beecause there aren’t any Monday’s left in October. But I’m very glad that the Humans Who Think They Can Predict the Future say that it’s gonna bee a Nice Day here today, even though it’s unfortunate I won’t bee here to enjoy that. Then again, I’m amazingly happy, beecause Our Vacation starts today, and it’s the day we’re gonna board Flight 387 on Where’s the Flightplan Airways, and we’ll bee on our way to BizzyWorld! But I should also mention that I’m feeling sad today beecause this is not only the last Daily Diary Entry I’ll bee Over-Sharing with everybody, probably, but that when I get back, I’ll only bee allowed to Over-Share once a week. Still, I hafta say I’m astoundingly excited, beecause I know that when I get back, I’ll have a bunch of stuff to Over-Share with everybody!

Ya’ know, now that I think about it, I kinda have Mixed Feelings today. Geeeeeeze that can bee confusing.

Well, you’re probably wondering how all our Festivities went over the weekend, aren’t you? I’ll tell you:

ButterCup and I got there early, so we were able to set up our Personal Geographic Boundaries right in front of the Podium. Not only could we hear and see everything for a change, but there was no way Her Royal Highness, our Majestic and Insufferably Gracious Queen, could accuse me of not showing up for her Annual Almost The End of the Cool Season State of the Hive Speech. (She was looking at me during most of her speech, so there was no way she didn’t know I was there - which is a good thing. The last thing I need beefore I go on our Vacation is to bee charged with Impudence or Failure to Attend a Mandatory Royal Speech again. That would complicate everything, ya’ know?

So get this: Our Queen has announced that she’s Retiring. Of course, this means that pretty soon, we need to find ourselves another Queen, but we’ll deal with that later. Hopefully, the Hive will let me bee on the Selection Committee this time, or at least let me bee Crown Bearer for the New Girl’s Coronation. (I’ve always wanted to do that.)

Anyway, Her Most Incredibly Gracious Grace informed the Hive that, since that the Hive was doing pretty well, and that she was pleased that we’d managed to avoid all having to go to work for Monsanto, and have managed to build a Honey Surplus, she’s decided to Retire.

“Our Honey Inventories are at Record Levels, the Hive Happiness Index is at an all-time high, and We Feel it is simply time for a new Queen to Assume Our Throne and to continue to run the Day-to-Day Operations of the Hive. And So We have Decreed.” Then she held up a Decree, waved goodbye to everybody and went back to her Royal Chambers to pack.


So she’s leaving. I’ve heard that some of the drones are gonna leave with her, so that means there’s gonna bee a lot of nice Rental Property available in the Hive pretty soon, which is always a good thing.

After her Speech ended, the Bee Kazzzzoo Band & Orchestra gave a Highly Emotional Performance of “I’ll Bee Seeing You” (I’m sure you know it, it’s a real tear-jerker.) Of course, most of us didn’t really know that song all that well, so we were all highly glad that Zambeezi, world-famous Beesker and Maestro of the Stringed Kazzzzoo, showed up to lead us in that. (A lot of bees came up to us afterwards and told us that our Performance was one of the most Heartfelt and Unforgettably Annoying Performances they’d ever heard, and that they were just sorry that the newest member of the Bee Kazzzzoo Band & Orchestra had forgotten to bring his Bagpipes. (“I would have brought them,” he told everybody, “but I ran into a Plumbing Emergency.” I dunno what that a Plumbing Emergency has to do with Bagpipes, but whatever.)

When our Performance was done, I was finally able to take off my Uniform that I was wearing over my Tuxedo which I was wearing over my Hallowe’en Costume. I needed to bee more Presentably Fashionable for the Honey Ball, after all.

Of course, Queen Bee’s speech was so Long and Emotional that so by the time that was over, everybody just wanted to get out of their Formal Wear and into their Hallowe’en Costumes. Fortunately, the Honey Ball only lasted about 87 seconds, then it was time for our Hallowe’en party to beegin.

I was highly glad when the Hallowe’en party started, beecause that meant I could finally take my Tuxedo off and bee more comfortable in just my Ghost Costume.


Just a bit of advice here: If you hafta go to a thing where you hafta wear three, different things, try to wear each outfit separately instead of all at the same time like I did.
You’d bee a lot more comfortable. Probably.

The Hallowe’en Party was probably the quietest one we’d ever had. I think I was the only one in a Ghost Costume, since everybody else decided to wear that Monsanto Mandatory Retirement Party Costume, so for most of the night, everybody just laid around with their feet stuck up in the air, not moving. And that was fine with me, beecause it meant that I had that whole Refreshment Table pretty much all to myself. (I think I must’ve gained a third of a gram from all the stuff I ate. No, seriously. My Ghost Costume was getting tight and was starting to chafe pretty badly by the time the Party ended.)

So that was fun.

I’m sure I’m forgetting to tell everybody something, but right now, I hafta go. We hafta get to the Airport beefore our flight leaves without us (most Airlines will wait for their passengers, as we all know, but W.T.F.? We just can’t take chances. Kevin, Bert, Felonie, and ButterCup are already outside, waiting mostly patiently, mostly. (They just told me I hafta hurry, or they’re leaving without me.)

Oh WOW! You won’t beelieve what happened just now! Listen to this:

Just beefore he grabbed his Travel Sack and climbed into the Limo that’s gonna take us to the Airport, Kevin let Gladys give him a Hug goodbye! Can you even beelieve that?

Of course, after the Hug was over, Kevin started to get into the Limo as fast as he could. Gladys kinda grabbed his wing and said, “So I finally got to give you a big Hug, and thank you! Now, would you give ME a Hug?”

Kevin just kinda looked at her and said, “Don’t push it, Gladys.” So she didn’t.

Still, it’s nice to know Kevin’s made progress - and just in time for our Vacation. As we all know, Dizzyworld is the Huggiest Place on Earth, so it’s nice to know Kevin’s gonna bee more Hug Tolerant while we’re there.

Okay then, I gotta go. Remember: we’re all gonna bee on Vacation until sometime the week of November 14th or so, and we won’t bee back until just beefore the new Cold Season starts. And when I get back, I’ll bee Over- Sharing with everybody again, but only once a week!

I hope everybody has an ecstatically memorable next few weeks!

I’ll see ya’ when I get back!

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