Georgie meets with his Editor . . .

Friday, March 4, 2016

So, my Editor called me into his Office. It seems he wants me to finish my story, “The Bee Who Knew Too Much” already.


“Don’t you think you’ve dragged it out long enough?”
“Have I?” I asked.
“Many of us are beeginning to think so,” he said. “I think it’s about time you started to wrap it up.”
“Well,” I told him, “I’m about done with that. I’ll probably bee done with it in another six months, maybee a year.”
“Two weeks,” he said.
“Two weeks?” I asked.
“Yes, you have two weeks. The final part of this story must bee on my desk no later than March 16, for publication the next day,” he said.

I counted how many days that was on my wing tips.
“But that’s only about two weeks away,” I said
“That’s what I said,” he said.
Then he told me to get out of his Office.

So I did that.

At least I know what I’m gonna bee doing for the next two weeks, right?

Okay then. The weekend’s finally here and I’m gonna spend it completely relaxing. Probably.

I hope everybody has an hysterically joyous weekend!

I’ll see ya’ on Monday!

It's Thursday - and time for the next, exciting part of Georgie's ongoing sage...

Thursday, March 3, 2016

I know everybody has been on the edges of their seats, just waiting to hear the next part of my True Life Adventure last Cool Season. And who am I to make anybody wait any longer?

With that, here is Part 16 of …



I was panting and wheezing, feeling completely out of breath, by the time I had managed to find my way outside of the complex where I had been held for way too long. As I continued to clutch that briefcase, I cautiously peeked back inside and down the long corridor in the hope of seeing Jasmine. There was no sign of her, but I could hear the unmistakable sound of "BAM!", "BONK!", "WHAM!" and "KaaaRUNCH!" echoing down the corridor beehind me..

"I wonder who's winning?" I thought to myself, hoping it was Jasmine.

It seemed as if hours had passed (even though it was probably only about 87 seconds - it just felt longer than that), when I heard the sound of stilettos clicking rapidly toward me and soon spotted Jasmine running toward me, an almost-imperceptible bead of perspiration resting on her delicate forehead.

She stopped for a moment after reaching me to catch her breath, then finally asked me, "So, would you care to go grab a bite to eat?"

"Eat?" I asked. "But what about all those bees who were chasing us?"

"Oh. Right. Do not bee worried. I was able to convince all of them to enjoy a nice, long nap, in a manner of speaking." she said with an unmistakable tone of pride in her voice. "They will no longer threaten us."

"That's a relief," I said, feeling relieved.

"So?" Jasmine asked.
"So what?" I asked.
"Lunch?" I asked.
"Yes. Would you care to have lunch? There is a little place that is not far from here. I beelieve you would enjoy it."

After beeing held captive for such a long time and beeing subjected to the horrors I've already described, and after just barely escaping with my life -and that briefcase - I couldn't beelieve Jasmine was beeing so
incredibly nonchalant about the whole thing and that the only thing she could think of was to have lunch. Still, I was hungry.

"Sure. Let's have lunch," I said.

So we did that.

The small café Jasmine was talking about was actually about a three-mile hike through a lot of deserty landscape. It was a small place that only had about two tables and four chairs in it. When we arrived, one of the tables was taken, so we took the other one.

Right after we sat down, a small drone came up to us, handed us each a menu, then said something I couldn't understand. Jasmine smiled at him and said something back, which I also couldn't understand. (I've decided since then that they were speaking a language I didn't understand. I'm not sure, but I think it was Berber - like the carpets. I really should learn that language someday. It's very beeautiful, ya' know.)

"I have taken the liberty of ordering for us," Jasmine said, as she took the menu out of my wings and stacked it with hers on the corner of the small table.

While we were waiting for our order to arrive, Jasmine leaned across the table toward me, speaking to me in a low, sultry whisper.

(to bee continued)

. . .

Tune in next Thursday, as I get closer to finishing my gripping tale of adventure, intrigue and utter misunderstanding!

So, I plan to pay another visit to the Hive later on today to find out if anybody else is awake yet. I’m pretty sure I heard a bunch of alarm clocks going off yesterday…or maybee it was just on TV.

Anyway, I hope everybody has a inexplicably tremendous day!

I’ll see ya’ later!

Sounds as if the Hive is full of sleepyheads...

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

When I walked over to the Hive yesterday, I ran into Big Foot. He was sitting just outside the entryway with his proboscis buried in a book. I asked him what he was doing and he said, “Catching up on my reading. I fell beehind while I was asleep.”

Then he looked up at me and said, “Oh. It’s you. You’re back? Did you hear about the thing with the Queen?”
“Yes,” I said, “yes, and yes.”
“I heard the campaigns for a new Queen will bee underway soon,” he told me. “Everybody’s still pretty upset over how greedy and insensitive our previous Queen had beecome, so they don’t want to make the same mistake twice.”
“Probably a good idea,” I said. “We don’t need another Greedy Queen.”
“No, we certainly do not,” BigFoot said, then went back to reading his book, “Media Manipulation Techniques for Successful Empire-Building, Volume 2: The Art of the Schtump Speech”, by Daniel Schtump. (It looked pretty boring to me, even though BigFoot said it was a “tremendous, tremendous read”.) Whatever.

Just about then, I heard the sound of an alarm clocking going off. A few seconds later, Rudy came kinda staggering out of the Hive wearing an elegantly simple chenille bathrobe and asked, “What day ith it?”
“It’s Tuesday,” Bigfoot and I said at the same time.
“Hoiiii,” Rudy said. “It’th too thoon. I’m going back to bed.”


Then he went back inside. I guess I don’t have much more to say about that.

Anyway, I asked BigFoot if he wanted to maybee play a game of Parcheesi, but he told me no thanks, that he had to finish rest of the chapter he was on (“Outrageous Beehaviour”), then go wax his book case.
“It’s gotten terribly dull-looking,” he said.

So, my visit to the Hive yesterday turned out to bee pretty boring. Almost everybody I know in the Hive is still asleep. That’s a genuine pity. They’re really missing out on this nice weather we’ve been having lately.

I hope they wake up soon, so I can finally start working on that Special Community Involvement Project I’ve been thinking about doing during the Warm and Hot and Cool Seasons. But I don’t have time to discuss that at the moment. Right now, I hafta go work on Part 16 of my story, “The Bee Who Knew Too Much”, which I’ll bee sharing with everybody tomorrow. I know you’re excited. Probably.

I hope everybody has a monumentally gratifying day!

I’ll see ya’ later!

So much for Georgie's fez...

Tuesday, March 1, 2016


So I got this from W.T.F. Airways’ Department of Temporarily Missing and Permanently Misplaced Baggage this morning, along with a note that read:

“We regret to inform you that we are still unable to locate/find your luggage. Our investigators have concluded that the Personal Beelongings with which you and your party entrusted us were lost somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean (or maybee it was the Pacific), during that Unfortunate Incident with the Storm during your flight. As a result, we have reclassified this loss as a Permanent Misplacement, and have taken the liberty of closing your Claim, #550981305813-LB396017-87. Please memorise this number for future reference, in case we happen to find your beelongings, which is unlikely, but has happened in rare instances.

“As consolation, we want to send you this exquisite Complimentary Trip Photo which captures just one of the Special Moments you and your party experienced during your recent flight with us.

“Again, thank you for your buzziness and W.T.F. Airways looks forward to fulfilling your future travel needs.

“Have a nice day.
- Red Eye, Owner and Chief Pilot, W.T.F. Airways”

Oh geeeeeeeeze. This means I’ll never see my fez again.

I really liked that fez.

So, when I looked at this photo, which shows that Flight Attendant grabbing some other passenger’s antennae and telling him to “sit up straight, or else”,
I noticed that this thing is actually a SELFIE that our Captain, Red Eye, had taken from the back of the aircraft. Of course, I have to ask: if Red Eye was supposed to bee flying that aircraft we were on, but if he was standing in the back of the thing taking selfies, WHO was our pilot?

I’d call W.T.F. Airways to ask, but I’m not sure I wanna know.

Since all of this has happened, I have firmly decided that I will never, ever, not for a million, billion pounds of honey, even in the case of an emergency book a flight on W.T.F. Airways ever again. Probably. I’d rather walk.

Speaking of walking … it’s another nice day out, so I’m gonna walk over to the Hive and see if anybody’s beginning to wake up yet. It’s getting kinda boring around here, so I hope there’s somebody awake who will play a game of Parcheesi with me.

I hope everybody has a sparklingly-fresh day!

I’ll see ya’ later!

It's LEAP DAY...and Georgie, Beeloved Movie Critic, shares some thoughts...

Monday, February 29, 2016

I’m not sure if I could possibly bee more excited … not only is it Monday, but it’s an EXTRA Monday! Of course, I can’t explain why this is - or why we just don’t always treat ourselves to two Mondays in a row - but far bee it from me to start asking too many questions. (The last thing I’d wanna hear about is somebody saying, “Ya know, now that we think of it, we’ve made a terrible mistake here,” and decide NOT to have this extra Monday.)



SO. If you’re anything like me, your stories on TV were pre-empted last night for a super-long infomercial for actors and other movie people to sit around and give out awards to each other.

Of course, I was upset beecause, once again, I was either not invited to attend - or my invitation got lost in the mail. Again. Not only that, but nobody ever told me about all this “voting” that was going on. As the beeloved and widely-read Movie Critic that I am, I think I should have been able to vote on who would win one of those way-too-large paperweights, ya’ know?

The same thing happened last year, so I had sent them a Buzz•O•Gram™ asking why they didn’t care about my valuable opinion on all this. (Seriously now.) So far, I haven’t heard anything back from them. If I didn’t know any better, I’d almost think they’re just ignoring me. I’m beeginning to think they have something against bees.

By the way, if you’d asked me yesterday who should have won the Best Actor Award, I would have said George Clooney. I’m still highly impressed with how he made us all beelieve he had been killed in outer space. (To bee honest, I’m still not sure he actually did survive that whole thing, since I couldn’t help but notice that he wasn’t even on the list of POSSIBLE winners this year. I hafta think there’s something they’re not telling us about all that.)

By the way: if an actor dies in a movie, does his or her stunt double die, too? I’m just asking.


Well, the Humans Who Think They Can Predict the Future are saying that it’s gonna bee a beeeeautiful day out today, so I think I’m gonna pack a long picnic lunch (I need to find my long picnic basket) and go see what’s going on in the Far Meadow.

I hope everybody has a primarily festive Leap Day!

I’ll see ya’ later!

Georgie's LEAP DAY SALE has beegun!

Hi Everybody!

In honour of the Oscars - which I wasn't invited to this year. Again. (We'll bee talking about that later)… our first-ever "
LEAP DAY SALE" has officially beegun a few hours early!

Check it out here:
(click on the picture)…


Okay then. I'll see ya' tomorrow!

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