Georgie shares more details of his trip to Zanzibar - and his favourite day of the week has arrived!

Could it bee? Yes it could! Monday’s here - and Monday’s good! (Hey, that would bee a good song lyric for a musical!)

Anyway… where were we? Oh yes.

So, I was beeing held on Prison Island in Zanzibar beecause the Guard Bees there thought that maybee I was a Killer Bee trying to sneak into the country.

(I’m not, but you know that already. They didn’t.)

As it turns out, this was one of those times when it’s good to know that you have some really great friends and sometimes you run into them in the most unexpected places. The reason I say that is beecause of what happened one day while I was still beeing held prisoner.

I was sitting in my cell (actually, it was more like a luxury suite with great room service and a highly excellent view), when all of a sudden I heard some buzzing just outside my window (which just happened to overlook some of the most beeeeeautiful, white sand beaches and blue water I’ve ever seen). Some of the buzzing was coming from a Guard, ironically standing guard over me, and the other was distinctly a female worker bee - and she didn’t sound happy. At all.

I was trying to remember where I’d heard that voice beefore when, all over a sudden, the buzzing stopped, the Guard Bee came to my door, unlocked it and said, “You’re free to go.”

Standing next to him was a stunningly beeautiful bee, wearing a haik and a veil and, beeing the quick-witted bee that I am with an iron-clad memory, I realised that the Guard’s companion was none other than Jasmine. (You remember Jasmine, right? ButterCup and I met her in Paris, briefly, when we were there visiting Fleur de Bee.)

Beefore I could say anything, Jasmine started apologising profusely to me.

“I am so sorry about this devastatingly embarrassing incident. This should have never happened to you and, had SOME CERTAIN BEES AROUND HERE WOULD HAVE DONE THEIR JOBS AS THEY SHOULD HAVE,” she said as she looked at the Guard Bee, “this mistake would have never happened.”
“Well, I…,” I beegan to say, but she interrupted me.
“I’m sure you’re very well aware that we’ve had eyes on you ever since you got this silly idea to come to Africa to research the shooting location for those movie reviews you’ve started writing every week.”
“No,” I said, “I didn’t know that…and how did you know…”
“That you’re writing movie reviews or that you were coming to Africa?”
“Right,” she told me. “Our agency has been working very closely with the French Counter-Espionage Agency and, particularly, Fleur de Bee, so it was she who alerted us to your presence here and the unfortunate situation you’ve had to suffer here.”
“Wow,” I said. “That’s comforting and scary at the same time. You’ve been tracking me?”
“Of course,” she said. “And I can only apologize again for the inconvenience you’ve suffered. I would been here sooner, but I’m afraid there was another ‘situation’ I had to deal with beefore I could get here and get this mess straightened out.”
“Thank you?” I said.
“You’re welcome,” she said. “But I must ask: what movie are you planning to review?”
“The African Queen,” I told her.
“The one about the boat? Seriously? Whatever,” then she paused for a second and said, “You should probably know that that movie wasn’t filmed here, in Zanzibar, particularly.”
“It wasn’t?” I asked.
“No. Some of it was filmed east of here, in the Congo, but a lot of it was filmed in a big room on a make-beelieve set.”
“Oh,” I said, more curious than ever about the movie. (I suddenly beecame more anxious to get back home so I could watch it.)

Anyway. Jasmine helped clear up all the confusion with the Authorities, signed some papers, then escorted me off of Prison Island and arranged to fly me back home.

“I have a close, personal friend who owns and operates an airline,” she said, “so I have taken the liberty of booking you on the next flight home. It really is best if you just leave. We have agents who will transport you to your awaiting flight. And thanks for visiting Africa. We hope your stay was enjoyable.”

(It wasn’t.)

Just then, four Guard Bees wearing sunglasses showed up and told me they were there to transport me to the airport. They picked me up by my feet and my antennae (which hurt, a lot) and said, “Come with us.”

So I did that.

When we got to the airport, I saw my flight waiting and was a bit dismayed to discover that I was booked on W.T.F. Airways.

If you ever decide to fly, I’d highly advise you to avoid that airline.

Now, if I’d known Jasmine’s “close personal friend” was RedEye and that my flight was booked on the not-all-that-pleasant W.T.F. Airways, I probably would have just taken a bus home. But, as it was, I didn’t wanna insult her - or waste the ticket, for that matter - so I informed RedEye that I was ready to go.

He said, “Okay then! Hold on tight!” and we were on our way out of Africa and, in a mostly general way, headed back home. (RedEye had lost the flightpath along the way, so it took longer than expected to finally get home.)

So that’s what happened. I’m back home, I’m pretty much over my W.T.F.-Lag and now, I’m just trying to relax and figure out what movie or TV show I’ll bee reviewing next Friday. (I thought about reviewing that movie, “Out of Africa”, but quite frankly, I’d rather pick something that was filmed closer to home.

By the way, that was ButterCup at my window the other day. She was peeking in to see if I was back yet and invited me to go out to a festive “Welcome Back” party which is beeing held in my honour later tonight.

“I can’t wait to hear all about your trip, which I should have been invited to go on with you and which you never mentioned you’d bee taking without me,” she said.

Oh geeeeeze. I hope she’s still talking to me after she hears about my ordeal. You know how she feels about my travelling without her - or about my running into mutual acquaintances, such as Jasmine, when she’s not around. (Maybee I should leave that part out.)

Anyway. It’s HOT outside, so I’m just gonna stay inside today and mellow out.

I hope everybody has a legendarily festive day! I’ll see ya’ later!

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