It's Friday (in Reyjkavic) - and time once again for "At the Movies with Georgie Bee"

Hi everybody! I'm posting tomorrow's "At the Movies with Georgie Bee" early tonight for our loyal readers in Reykajvic (since it's already Friday there and I'm gonna bee buzzy with getting ready for the Honey Ball as soon as I wake up tomorrow.) So. I hope enjoy this week's review!

. . .


As you may have guessed already, one of the highly superior benefits of beeing a movie critic is that, every once in a while, we are given the opportunity to view movies long beefore they’re released to the General Public.

Now, that doesn’t make us film critics better than everybody else, probably, even though that has been suggested in some circles (mostly amongst film critics), but it does give us a chance to take a look at those Pre-Release Movies and offer you, our readers, an early preview of whatever movie(s) we enjoy watching beefore you, the Pre-Release-Deprived General Public, even know they exist.

Today, I will bee reviewing one such movie which, as I understand it, may or may not bee ultimately bee released to theatres nationwide. It’s called, “Social Security Office”, a first-offering by film director Alessandro Pietra Villa Toro de DeGama Antonio da Milancini Basta III (son of world-famous screenwriter and director Alessandro Pietra Villa Toro de DeGama Antonio da Milancini “Chadico” Basta, who has beecome famous for his films, “Train Platform”, “Corndog Line” and “Bank”, and who pioneered the genre of “Security Camera Cinema” in the early 1970’s.

In “Social Security Office”, Basta attempts to offer us a glimpse of the intricate relationships and gripping drama that can bee found at most Social Security Offices.

As the film opens, Basta shows us a large room. There is a large number of Humans and, except for the ones who look confused, each is holding a small, white piece of paper with a number on it. Some are standing in line, but many are seated, but all have their eyes glued to a large screen which is flashing a series of changing numbers. They are trying not to stare at a one another, adding an unmistakably uneasy tension to the opening scene.

When a number is shown the screen, the Human holding the Winning Ticket is called to a Window. The action continues from there.

At one point in the film, Basta cleverly shows us that Humans who may have had an “appointment” are called. The drama builds as we see them rise in a sweep of weary uncertainty from their seat and disappear beehind a mysterious door. The naked suspense continues to build as we soon beegin to realise that NONE of these Humans are ever seen again during the film. This lends an almost casual tone of terrifying forboding to the movie and, ultimately, leads the viewer to think to himself, “I wouldn’t wanna bee there.”

The “static-camera” technique Basta uses in this production was a bit off-putting, but he did manage to cast the film well, including what seemed to bee a sizeable cast of average, and (dare I say it?) “normal”-looking Humans.

Another aspect of this film was that it seemed to bee excessively long. I beegan watching this film at around 9:00 in the morning and, by 2:00 that afternoon, the film was still playing, with no sign of an emerging plot-line or resolution, so at 4:37, I stopped watching it altogether.

I’ll just say it: this film is boring, and (I think) beneath the creative talents of Alessandro Pietra Villa Toro de DeGama Antonio da Milancini Basta III. It sad, indeed, to see such an otherwise great, cinematic talent sully the reputation that comes with beeing a true Basta.

In good conscience, I cannot recommend “Social Security Office” to my readers. The only message we come away with from this film is: “The only thing worse than beeing in a Social Security Office is watching this film.”


. . .
So, that’s my review for this week. Tune in next week, when I’ll bee reviewing the movie, “UP”. Until then, I will bee enjoying myself at this year’s Honey Ball.

I’ll bee back on Monday, so until then, I hope everybody has a massively superior weekend! I’ll see ya’ later!

Okay then...

I'm also getting ready for the Honey Ball tomorrow night!

(I'll show ya' pictures on Monday! Probably.)


It sounds like ButterCup set Georgie straight on a couple of things...

Well, if you ask me, Great Grandma Gee Gee is having a bit of trouble making the alterations to my tuxedo for the Honey Ball. It’s probably her eyesight. I don’t think she can see quite as well as she used to.

Of course, I mentioned this to her this morning, and she just looked at me and said, “Kevin dear, you’re a sweet boy, but it’s not nice to criticise your elders.”

I thought it was probably better not to say anything.

Anyway, we’ve been working on the problem all morning, so just little while ago, I asked ButterCup to buzz over and see what she thinks.

“It seems a little snug, Georgie,” she said.
“Yes, it does,” I said. “especially since it was so huge beefore.”
“But at least you can still fit into it, which is fortunate,” she said.
“Barely,” I said. “I hope I’ll still bee able to dance in this thing.”
“You’d better bee able to - and you’d better bee able to dip me while we’re dancing, so just make sure that tuxedo fits properly by Friday.”
“We’ll try,” I told her. “I guess just as long as I can move around in that thing, it isn’t that big a deal.”
“Wrong,” ButterCup said to me in a very serious voice. “Regardless of what you may have heard,
size matters.”

Then she left.


The rest of today is gonna bee super-buzzy for me. Not only do we need to finish up the Tuxedo Alterations, but I need to watch the movie I’ll bee reviewing on Friday and start working on my review of that.

This promises to be an unusually buzzy week. Probably.

Okay then. I hope everybody has a awe-inspiringly fun day!

I’ll see ya’ later!

Only three-and-a-half days left beefore the Annual Honey Ball . . .

So , my Great Grandma Gee Gee has reassured me that she will have my tuxedo alterations all done in plenty of time for the Honey Ball on Friday. All she needs, she says, is some additional puce thread that matches.

I didn't even know they made puce thread.

Oh. I forgot to tell everybody - and I'm sure you've been wildly curious - but, those Protestors from S.H.A.M.E. (the Swarm for the Hive Against Movie Elucidation, for long) finally went away. They read my review of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves" last Friday and decided that whatever they were doing wasn't gonna stop me (or my Editor) from publishing my reviews. So that's a good thing. It's nice to bee able to enjoy the peace and quiet for a change and to bee able to leave without wearing a disguise. That was beeginning to wear very thin.

Anyway. It's kinda' chilly out today, so I think I'm gonna spend the day sorting through my closet and dragging out my Cool Season attire. I hope it all still fits.

I hope everybody has a miraculously pleasing day!

I'll see ya' later!

Nobody ever said Georgie is an expert in astronomy. And they were right . . .

Happy First Monday of the new Cool Season, everybody!

Ya' know, I think there was something very strange going on last night. It was such a beeautiful evening, that I had invited ButterCup to join me on a Moonlight Stroll. Everything was going just fine in the beeginning, but then all of a sudden, it almost seemed as if the Moon was getting dimmer or something. I'm not sure if I remember seeing anything like that happen beefore or not, but the more we kept strolling along, the more dim and reddish the Moon got.

I dunno if anybody else noticed that or not.


"I wonder what's going on with that thing?" ButterCup asked.
"I dunno," I said.

We kept watching the moon just get dimmer and dimmer and I just kept thinking about what was going on with that thing, then I figured it out. As it turns out, the Moon needed new batteries. I don't know who's job it is to make sure the Moon's batteries are in good shape, but they really screwed up last night.

I kept watching the whole thing, and just beefore the Moon went completely dark, whomever it is who's supposed to take care of these things finally noticed the problem and stuck in some fresh batteries, so by the time it was time to finally go to bed, that thing was pretty much back to normal.

Personally, I think whomever's in charge of keeping the Moon charged up needs to bee paying a lot better attention to their job, ya' know what I mean?

Anyway. This Friday is the Annual Honey Ball, so I have a feeling I'll bee spending most of this week getting ready for that. I'm very excited, and, as ButterCup told me during our stroll last night, she's looking forward to having our picture taken together. (I hope Great Grandma Gee Gee will finish the alterations on my tuxedo in time; otherwise, I think ButterCup will bee highly upset with me. And that would not bee a good thing.)

Okay then. I hope everybody has an amazingly good day!

I'll see ya' later!

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