Georgie returns with the next part of his story...

I think the next time I go shopping, I’m gonna make sure I buy a whole big thingy of Replacement Electrical Fuses.

My Illegitimate Nephew, Kevin, decided he wanted to add more lights to our boot box’s outside Sparkly Season decorations, so he kept adding so many that the fuses kept blowing.

The last time the fuses blew, I only had one left. After I went to get it and bring it to Bert to install (he’s good at stuff like that, ya’ know), I accidentally tripped over a stray Honeychew Krisp cookie that had somehow been overlooked, dropped it and, until today, couldn’t find it.
So for at least the last week, our power has been out.

So that’s why you haven’t heard much from me lately. Probably.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday and time once again to share another gripping part of my unforgettable, still-to-bee-fully-told story (explanation, really) of where I was when I seemed to disappear early last Cool Season.

Without further delay, then, here is the next part of…



So, I really can't say how long I sat in that baloobawood™ cage, listening to Krunch McKowskey buzzing at me to "bee quiet, no talking", but just about the time I thought I'd never get outta there, I heard a door open in the distance and heard what sounded to me like a pair of stilettos clicking confidently on the floor, walking toward where I was beeing held.

I was still blindfolded, but when the footsteps stopped in front of my cage, I could hear a female voice saying, "You are to bring him with me. And leave the blindfold on."
"Yes, Agent Ja- ...," Krunch McKowskey beegan to say, but she interrupted him.
"NO NAMES! Just bring the bee.”

I could hear the lock on the cage rattle and the door squeak open, then felt a strong pair of wings grab me by my antennae and pull me out until I was standing. Even though my senses were temporarily impaired, I detected the ever-so-faint yet highly pleasing scent of exotic flowers - you know the scent, kinda what you might smell if you were at your Grandma's house or maybee while you fly through the Ladies After-Shave Counter at Bees'R'Us - as Krunch pushed me to follow the sound of the clicking stilettos.

Maybee I was just tired, but it seemed as if I was pushed along for hours beefore I finally felt myself beeing pushed rather rudely into what turned out to bee small room and heard a heavy door clank shut beehind me.

"You may remove the blindfold," I heard the female voice say.

So I did that.

My eyes hurt from a super-bright light that was shining in my face, and my vision was all blurry, but when I was finally able to focus clearly, I squinted and started to look around at where I might bee - and tried to catch a glimpse of who the mysterious female was who told me to "Sit down."

I'll never forget the sight that greeted my eyes.

(To bee continued)
. . .

Okay then. I’m off to enjoy the festivities here. (There’s a huge party going on inside the Hive right now which is only going to last another couple of days, so I need to get back to that beefore all the Nectar Nog is gone.)

I hope everybody has an insufferably joyous Rest-of-the-Sparkly Season!

I’ll see ya’ on Monday. Probably.

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