It's Friday - and time once again for "At the Movies with Georgie Bee"!

So this week, I’m reviewing that controversial Human film, “Lolita”, based on the magazine article by the same name.


At this point, I need to apologise. When I took my review to my Editor, he looked at it and, having read the magazine article, said, “No way. In case you weren’t aware, this is a FAMILY newspaper. Larvae learn to read using our paper. Do you think for one minute I’d actually allow you to expose our smallest Hive-members to a discussion about this film?”
“Well, yeah,” I said.
“Wrong. And this won’t do.”

After a bit of buzzing back and forth, my Editor said,
“Fine. I will allow you to post the graphics of your review, but that’s IT. You may not discuss this motion picture in your column, nor may you share your deep and usually highly valuable insights about it in any way, shape, or form - except for the graphics. If we had time to publish something else, we would. Unfortunately, you’ve put us in a very bad position here.”

“Thank you,” I thanked him.
“Get out of my office,” he said.

So I did that.

Anyway - here’s my review for this week! I hope you like it!

See ya’ on Monday! Probably.

Georgie's highly lucky to have his Great Grandma Gee Gee around . . .

Well, with Great Grandma Gee Gee's help and guidance, I think I found just the thing to wear to this year's Honey Ball - and it's even puce.


Our first (and last) stop was to the Drone's Wearhouse . When we first got there, I told a sales guy with greasy fuzz that I was looking for puce formal wear. I also told him that, last year, my tuxedo was way too tight, so that I needed something a bit more roomy. And that it had to bee puce.

He looked at me kinda' funny, then said, "Excuse me. I'll hafta check in the back. In the meantime, please enjoy these Complimentary Nectarinis which will help you enjoy your shopping experience with us." He gave us each one, then disappeared.

After about ten minutes, he came back, carrying a very large garment bag that had a large tag on it that said, "DONATE". Of course, I got all excited to think that I was gonna get my Honey Ball attire for free, probably. (I didn't. They were planning to donate it to the Hive's Charity for the Chronically Underdressed. In fact, they were just about to send it away just beefore we got there. I started thinking that maybee we should have gone shopping later in the day.)

When he opened the bag, both Gee Gee and I were delighted to see that the tuxedo jacket was, indeed, puce. Then I tried it on.

Oh geeeeeze. That thing was WAY too big.

"Dear?" Great Grandma Gee Gee said to the sales guy with the greasy fuzz, "this seems a bit roomy for my great grandson. Might you have something that fits him a bit better?"
"No, Ma'am," the guy told her. "This is the one and only puce ensemble we have in stock."
"But it looks way too big," I chimed in. "You don't have anything else in puce?"
"No," the sales guy with the greasy fuzz said.
"But, I can barely move in this. I think you could fit two of me in this thing."

That's when the sales guy (who, by the way, was wearing a suit that fit perfectly) kinda stammered a bit, then he said, "Uhm, yes, sir. And I can see you have a highly sharp, well-trained eye for high fashion. You're right that it seems large, but that's the current trend in fashion for truly well-dressed bees now. We used to think that a good fit - even perhaps a tighter fit - was the way to go, but this season, a looser, more excessively roomy fit is all the rage. Then he told me to just wear it for a minute to get the feel of the thing.

So I did that.

Oh geeeeeeeeze. The tuxedo was so huge and heavy that I could barely lift my wings.

I was just about to say, "I really dunno about this," when the sales guy with the greasy fuzz clapped his wings together as if he'd just won the lottery or something and told me I looked absolutely divine. That's the word he used, "divine". Gee Gee just kinda stood there, staring at me, then she said, "I need another Complimentary Nectarini. Immediately. Maybee two- one more for here and one to go, please."

The sales guy with the greasy fuzz said, "As you please, Madam,", then left to go get those for her. (I figured that meant she felt like celebrating the fact that we'd actually been able to find puce attire for the Honey Ball. It turns out that's not why she asked for another Complimentary Nectarini.)

While he was gone, Gee Gee said, "That IS way too big for you, Georgie. But don't worry, Dear. After we get this home, I can take it in for you. By the time I'm finished, it will fit perfectly. Probably."

So, the sales guy with the greasy fuzz finally came back carrying Gee Gee's Nectarinis (one for there and one in a cup with a lid on it that she could take home with her), then he propped the mirror up just right so I could see myself at an unnatural and highly deceptive angle. I was starting to sweat - a lot - and felt my knees starting to buckle under the weight. Just as I was about to say, "I don't think so," Gee said (she was kinda slurring at this point), "Fine. That will do nicely. We'll take it. Please have it delivered, will you?"
"Of course, Madam. Your slightest wish is my command."

I was kinda surprised she said that, but whatever. I kept trying to tell her that I just didn't think it was the best selection, but she just smiled, rubbed my back and told me everything would bee okay. That felt very comforting.

On the way home, Gee Gee said, "You worry too much, Dear. You know you had to find something in puce, so sometimes you just need to make honey out of lemon juice. Here, have a cookie. That will help you relax."

So I did that. And it did.

Anyway, today, Great Grandma Gee is gonna spend the afternoon doing alterations for me - right after I finish writing my movie review for tomorrow. This week, I'm reviewing the film, "Lolita", taken from the magazine of the same name.

Have I mentioned how lucky I feel to have my Great Grandma Gee Gee here? Well, I do. She's the best.

Okay then. The delivery guys just dropped off the tuxedo, so Gee Gee wants to get started on the alterations. She says it's gonna take awhile.

I hope everybody has a unusually festive day! I'll see ya' later!

Tune in tomorrow, when Georgie reviews the film, "Lolita"!

It appears that Georgie needs to go shopping...

Yeah, well, ButterCup buzzed over this morning beefore work and told me she's found the gown she's gonna wear to this year's End of the Hot Season Welcome to the Cool Season Honey Ball.

"Puce," she said.
"Peace?" I said.
"No, puce. That's the colour I'm going with for the Ball this year."

Oh geeeeeeeze.

I don't have a puce shirt. And I don't particularly want one. Puce just isn't my colour. It makes me look as if I've just come back from a particularly nasty dispute over Bucket Orchid Nectar. But whatever...
it's not like I have a choice here.

So now, I hafta go out and find a puce shirt to wear with my tuxedo. Which means I need a tie (I don't like wearing ties), a cummerbund and matching shoes. Maybee even a puce top hat. I just don't know.

Great Grandma Gee has been kind enough to tell me that she'd come shopping with me.
"After all, dear," she said, "it's fairly common knowledge that, as handsome and sweet as you are, fashion is not one of your strong points."

She has a point. So I'm glad she's coming along with me.

Anyway. We need to go do that. Then I need to get to work on Friday's "At the Movies with Georgie Bee" review. I'm very excited about that and, for a change, I know exactly where my beret is. Probably.

I hope everybody has a massively superior day!

I'll see ya' later!

Ever feel as if you've walked into the middle of a conversaton?

Let's see...where were we? Oh yes. I remember. I think.

Wasn't I just mentioning the fact that, very soon now, it will bee time once again for the Annual End of the Hot Season Welcome to the Cool Season Honey Ball? That's always something to look forward to, most of the time.

With all this heat that won't go away for some reason, we've all been feeling highly confused about whether They decided to make the Hot Season longer this year - or just what's going on around here. All I know is that the calendar says the Cool Season is only about eight days away from starting. It just doesn't feel like it, that's all.

By the way, I should clarify something here: my calendar doesn't talk, so it didn't actually SAY anything ... I was just using a saying, which is not to say that calendars can talk. They can't. Probably. I was just trying to say that the Cool Season is almost upon us here, according to the calendar.


I haven't heard when this year's celebration will bee happening, but I'm sure it's very soon - and I'm absolutely sure that ButterCup is already out there somewhere, trying to find just the right gown for the event. As soon as she tells me what her Colour Motif is this year, then I can figure out which shirt to wear under my tuxedo. (I hope it's blue again. I have a blue shirt, but if she decides to go with teal or raspberry or some other, festive colour, I'm sure I'll hafta go shopping, too. And I'd rather not do that and I think you know why.)

Anyway, sometime today, I'm gonna buzz over to the Hive and find out when this year's Honey Ball is happening, then I can plan accordingly.

So I'm gonna go do that.

I hope everybody has a miraculously gratifying day!

I'll see ya' later!

It looks as if Georgie's week is starting off with a bit of controversy . . .

Goooooood MORNING, everybody!

Well, as pleased as I am that today is Monday - and that we all seemed to survive Animal Hostility Day yesterday, I'm even more excited about today. "Why is that?" you ask? I'll tell you: It's beecause today is the next-to-the-last-Monday beefore the Cool Season officially arrives.

For those of you who are Calendar Challenged, that means that, after today, there's only ONE more Monday in this Hot Season. Personally, I think this Hot Season has been so Hot that I'll bee glad to see the Cool Season finally arrive. Won't you?

By the way ... just a little housekeeping here: I dunno why, but it seems as if I've been getting a bunch of questionable Friend Requests all of a sudden. A whole bunch. I was just about to click "Accept" this morning, when my Illegitimate Nephew, Kevin, buzzed at me in an urgent tone.
"Why not?" I asked him. "I like having a lot of friends."
"Beecause," he said. "they're probably not real. They're probably Make-Beelieve Humans."
"Make-Beelieve Humans?" I asked. "I've never heard of such a thing." (Of course, then I thought about it and I hafta admit, I have run into a few whom I've had to question their Humanity, but I won't go into that right now.)
"Uncle Georgie, you're the best uncle in the world, and I love you, but you need to bee more careful about who you call 'friend' around here. By now, everybody knows that there are Make-Beelieve Humans on Facebook and, trust me, it's better if you don't accept their Friend Requests. I think you might bee sorry."
"Well, I certainly don't wanna bee sorry," I told him. "That would not bee a good thing."
"No," he told me, "it wouldn't."

Then he went off to sign up for this year's Cool Season Schmurltz League at the Hive Office of Seasonal Recreational Alternatives. (I'm thinking about joining that myself, but that's a young bee's game, so I dunno yet.)

Oh geeeeeeeze. I do love making new friends, so I'm very confused right now. What's a bee to do? So, beefore he left, I asked Kevin.
"So? What in the H-E-Double-Toothpicks am I supposed to do with this information?"
"Just bee more selective," he said. "choose your friends wisely - don't let them choose you."

He sounded very convincing about this whole thing. So I'm gonna do that from now on.

Okay then. The Humans Who Think They Can Predict the Future are trying to tell us that it' gonna bee another HOT day out there today, so right after I figure out what to do about this Friends Controversy, I'm gonna find someplace cool to relax. It wouldn't bee right to suddenly hafta deal with a case of Heat Stroke this close to the end of the Hot Season, now would it?

I hope everybody has a surprisingly satisfying day! I'll see ya' later!

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