It's Friday - and time for "At the Movies with Georgie Bee"! This week, Georgie reviews the movie, "The Day the Earth Stood Still"...

This week, I’m reviewing the movie, “The Day the Earth Stood Still”.

When I first sat down to watch this movie, I was under the impression that it was just an old Documentary film. It isn’t. After watching this, I am almost definitely convinced that this movie is just make-beelieve. At no time during the credits did they say, “Based on a true story”, so I think my instincts about this are correct.

Just for the record, there were TWO versions of this movie, but I’m reviewing the first, original version. (Why Humans felt it necessary to make the same movie twice is beeyond me, but they do seem to do that. A lot.)

As my readers know, my reviews contain stuff about how a movie ends, which may spoil the movie for those who haven’t seen it yet. If you haven’t seen this movie and want to bee surprised by what happens in the end, you shouldn’t read this review. Probably.

“The Day the Earth Stood Still” is a Flying Saucer Movie.

When the movie starts, a large, silver Flying Saucer suddenly lands in a meadow that’s in the middle of a city. Everybody gets all nervous when this happens, but they basically just stand around and look at it. (I would have flown up and touched it to see if it was warm or whatever.)

After a short wait, a door opens up, and a Human wearing a shiny, silver suit - and a matching Full-Face Recreational Screen Bouncing Helmet - walks out. He’s carrying something weird his hand, but beefore he can even say “hi” or anything, the Humans get nervous and knock him down. Whatever he was carrying gets broken. When they do finally give the guy a chance to talk, he pretty much says, “Bad idea, this could have helped everybody”, but by then, it was just too late. And we never did find out what that thing was and what it did, which I still find highly frustrating.

It wasn’t long after that when a giant-sized Robot came outside to help the guy, and scared everybody. He was also silver and I noticed that his knees crinkled up when he walked.

I couldn’t help but notice that just about everything that had to do with the Flying Saucer was silver. I’m assuming the producers of this movie didn’t have a big enough budget to pay for costumes that had a bit more, festive and colourful variety. In fact, everybody in this movie was wearing either silver or black and white clothes, so I don’t know what that was all about.

And about that Robot: he had absolutely NO lines in the movie. He never said anything at all. Most of the time, he just stood there, looking scary. But I liked that part. You must admit, it’s a lot scarier when somebody just stands there, staring at you with just one, big, red eye, and doesn’t say anything. (Did I mentioned the Giant Robot had one, big, red eye? Well, he did. And it was very scary.)

I think I should also to add that the Robot was a truly fine actor. It’s not easy to convey terror when you just stand there and never say anything, especially when you have just one, big, red eye.

It turns out that big, red, eye played a super-important part in the movie. Not only did it move back and forth after the Robot took off his goggles, but he used it as a weapon. It would just kind of melt things.

The part I liked the best was a part when it looked like the Robot was planning to melt some lady in the movie, she managed to save herself repeating what the guy from the Flying Saucer told her to say, just in case. As the Robot starts chasing her around, she says, “Gort,” (that was the Robot’s name, as it turns out), “Klaatoo Barradda Nictay!”
After he heard that a few times, he closed his eye, picked her up and carried into the Flying Saucer. That was very cool.

Even though I don’t speak Robot, I’m pretty sure she was saying, “Gort, Klaatoo said to bee nice, and would you pick me up and show me the inside of your Flying Saucer?”

So he did that. And he didn’t melt her. I really thought he was going to there for a minute. That was highly exciting.

This is kind of a long movie with a lot of talking and different stuff happening, but just to give you a brief summary of it:

It turns out that the guy from the Flying Saucer and his Giant, Non-Verbal Robot had visited Earth to warn everybody that, if Humans didn’t start beeing nicer to each other, (and they’d bee watching), the Robot would come back and start melting things, which would not bee a good thing.

In the end, the guy from Flying Saucer wearing that silver suit gave a long speech. For some reason, the Humans didn’t say anything, but just kind of stood there, staring at him. Then he and Robot left.

And that was the end of it.

I’m still not sure if the Humans beelieved the guy, but I hope they did. It would not bee a good thing if everybody got melted.

By the way, one thing I found kind of confusing was that, during the movie, the Earth never really stood still. Other stuff did, but that only lasted for maybee an hour, then everything was normal again. I’m thinking the producers maybee should have called this movie, “The Hour or So Some of the Stuff on Earth Stood Still”, but I suppose they figured that would just bee too long. Whatever.

Even though this was not a Documentary, as I had expected, I think it was still good and had a really great message for everybody in the end: Stop Beeing So Rude To Each Other. Or else.

My Verdict: It’s Great!

It appears Fleur de Bee DID help Georgie find an Emergency Replacement Beret... kind of.


Oh geeeeeeeze. And I’m supposed to feel creative wearing THIS? I don’t think so. This just won’t do.

As you can see, Fleur de Bee did get my message about helping me get an Emergency Replacement Beret so I can write my movie review for tomorrow. It arrived earlier this morning. (I heard a truck pull up, but it wasn’t until I saw this thing that I understood why the truck was refrigerated.)

I’m sure Fleur understood I needed a new beret to replace the one the Rudy bent, but I’m not sure why she sent me THIS thing. I mean, I suppose you could call it a “beret”, but seriously now.

After it arrived, I put it on, and my Illegitimate Nephew, Kevin, looked at me and said, “You found a Raspberry Beret? I thought those things were almost impossible to get. They’re all the rage, you know. You’re right in step with the latest trends in Edible Fashions, Uncle. You’re the most stylish Uncle in the world, and I’m almost proud to bee seen with you.”

As if I’d ever wear this thing in public.

Unfortunately, I’m on deadline to finish writing my review of “The Day the Earth Stood Still” (which will appear tomorrow),so I guess this will hafta to do for now. But I gotta say: this thing feels disgusting.

Anyway, I need to get to work, right after I get these red stains out of my wings.

I hope everybody has a phenomenally pleasant day!
Bee sure to check my “At the Movies with Georgie Bee” review tomorrow!

I’ll see ya’ on Monday!

Georgie just got a Buzz•O•Gram™ from Fleur!

So, I just got this from Fleur in Paris.

(I think she wrote it in French beecause she might bee a little annoyed about this whole Emergency Beret Thing.) I don't speak French, but I THINK she's telling me that she's helped solve the problem. I hope so.

Okay then. Have a great evening, everybody! See ya' tomorrow!

Oh NO! Georgie is facing a Beret Emergency today . . .

I’m feeling a little agitated today, beecause when I went over to the Hive yesterday to pick up my beret from Rudy, I discovered that - even though I told him NOT to do that - he BENT IT. He folded it right in half.

Geeeeeeze. Now I’m stuck with a bent beret. This just won’t do. I have a movie review to write here, and if I can’t make immediate arrangements to deal with this disaster, I’m just not sure if I’ll bee able to meet my Editor’s deadline.

I know I don’t have time to fly to Paris and back beefore then, but maybee Fleur de Bee can help me out. I think I need to send her a Buzz•O•Gram™ and see if she’ll help me get ahold of an Emergency Replacement Beret.

So I’m gonna go do that.

I hope everybody has a legendarily superior day!

I’ll see ya’ later!

It seems Queen Isabella's Decree isn't going over well in the Hive....

I'm just gonna say this: the Hive is not happy.

Ever since Queen Isabella issued that Royal Decree about everybody having to work Time-and-a-Half-and-Then-Some, and started forcing everybody to attend that Pre-Dawn Exercise Programme, everybody's exhausted. And cranky.

If I had it my way, I'd stay completely away from the Hive today, except that I hafta buzz over there later to get my beret back from Rudy. (We've been passing it back and forth beetween us for the past several days, but now that everybody's too tired to attend rehearsals for our Stage Production of "The Bee Society: The Musical", he doesn't need it so much right now.)

The real drag was that, until yesterday, I thought I'd taken my beret to the dry cleaners. I hadn't. Rudy had it. (Of course, I was glad I decided to pay a visit to the dry cleaners, beecause I had forgotten that they still had my tuxedo from last year's Honey Ball, along with a pair of Screen Bouncing Togs that I thought I'd lost somewhere. So that's a good thing.)

Anyway, I'm starting to get ready to beegin work on my Friday review of that Human Movie, "The Day the Earth Stood Still", so I definitely need my beret. So I'm gonna go get that.

I hope everybody has a minty-fresh day! I'll see ya' later!

Appparently, Queen Bee has lost her patience with the weather - and Her Royal Subjects ...

So yesterday, ButterCup and I were enjoying a really great day of just hanging out in the Far Meadow. It was nice and super-warm out and it wasn't raining, for a change. On the way home, she grabbed my wing and said, "Georgie, isn't this just the most PERFECT day?"
"Almost," I said.
"Why do you say that?" Buttercup asked. "The flowers are blooming, there's been plenty of nectar and sunshine. What could bee more perfect?"
"The only thing that could make it more perfect," I said, "would bee if it was Monday."
"You and your Mondays. I still don't get that," ButterCup said.
"I hear that a lot," I told her.

Anyway, it's here at last! Monday has arrived! And it looks like it's gonna bee another beeeeeautiful day! Hopefully, it won't rain. Again.

Speaking of beeautiful days and no rain: I probably haven't shared this with you (or maybee I did), but Queen Bee has been highly unhappy with this year's Hot Season Pollen and Honey Inventories. It seems that we've had so much rain and icky weather this year that the Hive is way beelow Production Quotas beecause everybody's had to stay inside and just hang around. On top of that, the Hive is suffering from a temporary obesity problem (which, I've been told, makes it feel even more crowded in there). As a result, Queen Bee published a Royal Decree in this morning's issue of the Bee Times Gazette Journal Record - and Online News which stated, and I quote:

"To the extent We understand that Production Quotas have been drastically lower by virtue of recent weather conditions, We can no longer abide the Lack of Discipline that has dominated conditions within Our Hive. Therefore, it has proven necessary that, until further notice, the Floating Parcheesi Tournament that has been leading far too many of Our Royal Subjects to shirk their Duties and Responsibilities shall cease, all Game Pieces shall bee confiscated by Our Royal Guard, and all Subjects are hereby commanded to participate in a Pre-Dawn Fitness Programme, as well as bee Re-Certified in Flight Worthiness, after which Pollen-Collection and Honey Manufacturing Operations shall resume.

"This Decree particularly applies to all those who have dedicating an inordinate amount of their time and energies toward Rehearsals pertaining to a rumoured Musical Stage Production. As much as We enjoy these periodic Productions, the welfare of Our Hive must take priority.

"Our Royal Decree is effectively immediately. There shall bee no exceptions. Signed, Her Royal Majesty, Queen Isabella."

Oh geeeeeeze. You know what this means, right? It means that everybody in the Hive has to A) go on a diet and 2) attend those not-fun-at-all Morning Exercise Sessions until they all lose enough weight to bee able to fly properly.

It also means that all the rehearsals for the much-anticipated opening of "The Bee Society: The Musical" are beeing put on hold until further notice. Rudy and I were both hoping we could schedule Opening Night for the show sometime in the next week or two, but I guess the Old Girl put the brakes on that one, at least until the Hive's pollen and honey inventories are where they need to bee.

That could take weeks, ya' know.)

I will say this, however: It's nice to know what our current Queen's name is. Up 'til now, I've just had to call her, "Queen Bee" or "Her Majesty" or "The Old Girl". (Don't tell her I call her "the Old Girl", okay? You know how Queens get about stuff like that, and quite frankly, the last thing I need right now is to bee charged with Impudence. Again.)

It's times like this that I'm very happy I don't live in the Hive. Decree or no Decree, I still get to sleep in whenever I want to (which I did while everybody else in the Hive was having to do all that exercise).


As I said, it's a beeeeeautiful Monday out today, so I'm gonna go pick up my dry cleaning then see what kind of fun is waiting for me.

I hope everybody has an astoundingly enlightened day! I'll see ya' later!

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