Oh geeeeeeeeeeze...

Friday, September 2, 2016

Well, tonight’s the night! Tonight is the night that everybody in the Bee Kazzzzoo Band & Orchestra will have their first, magical opportunity to taste the first Batch of Georgio’s Vintage Nectaral Fermentito™!

This is gonna bee great.

I may just bee guessing here, but I have a feeling that everybody in the Band is gonna bee SO IMPRESSED
that I came through with what I’m absolutely sure will bee the most Enjoyed and Savoured Refreshment the Band has had the joy to enjoy since Rehearsals beegan.

Of course, I am pleased and happy to report that the first Batch of Georgio’s Vintage Nectaral Fermentito™ is ready for delivery to the Rehearsal Space.


Kevin (my Illegitimate Nephew) was kind enough to loan me one of his Biohazard Suits so I could watch Bert transfer the Precious Liquid from its Fermenting Bin to the final, labeled Can, where it was Hermetically Sealed and is ready to go.

After we managed to get the whole batch into that Can, Kevin said that he thought it would probably bee a good idea if I didn’t try to carry that whole Batch to the Rehearsal by myself, probably since it’s so heavy.

“Uncle Georgie,” he said to me, “you’re the best uncle in the world and I love you, but it is my considered opinion that you avail yourself of the services of a qualified, Deliver and Disposal Service to transport this rather volatile fluid you’ve created to where ever it is that you plan to move it, just for the sake of safety. Also, I have to add that we will all bee very happy when this stuff is off the premises.”

I couldn’t agree more. That stuff has taken up a lot of space. Also, I have enough to carry with my Beret, Kazzzzoo, and Sheet Music, so I really appreciated his advice.

So, I just called the Snark Brothers Volatile Fluid Transport Service (“The Only Volatile Fluid Transport Service in a Five-State Area™”), so they’re gonna bee here very shortly to deal with getting the first batch of Georgio’s Vintage Necataral Fermentito™ over to the Hive for tonight’s Rehearsal.

I am so excited. When the rest of the bees in the Band get a taste of my Liquid Creation, they’re never wanna go back to HoneyAde. Probably.

Oh geeeeeeze. The lid on the can full of my Nectaral Fermentito seems to bee bulging, so I’d better go deal with that beefore the Delivery Bees get here.

I hope everybody has an exquisitely festive day!

I’ll see ya’ later!

While Georgie continues to ferment, here's his latest Weekly Feature Thingy...


What a mess . . .

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Oh geeeeeeeeeze. What a mess.


So I didn’t move fast enough yesterday when my Timer went off. I got so involved in unrolling that thing of Wax Paper I found that I accidentally forgot to remember to turn down the heat on my first batch of Georgio’s Vintage Nectaral Fermentito™. So most of it ended up exploding all over everything.

Great Grandma Gee Gee is furious, beecause she says that the distinctive aroma of my soon-to-bee Award Winning Concoction is making her Royal HoneyChew Krisp Cookies taste weird. That’s not a good thing.

“You know, dear,” she said, “I think the next time you try to make this stuff of yours, it might bee a good idea if you did it outside. Away from my Cookie Sheets and Cookie Dough.”

She’s probably right. I’d have more room outside anyway.

Well, I hafta go help clean things up around here, then go out and try to find a few cases of Air Freshener. We need it.

Okay then, I hope everybody has a tremendously informative day!

I’ll see ya’ later!

Something's cooking...

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

So my very first Batch of what I decided to name “Georgio’s Vintage Nectaral Fermentito™” is simmering. It smells kinda weird, but according to the Instruction Book, that’s not unusual, at least for the first day or so.


Of course, that might also bee beecause the guy I got the Nectar from - some fuzzy guy who was wearing a fuzzy black-and-white-striped Tuxedo - (he just kinda threw it at me and left without telling me what kind of flower it came from). And ever since I started the Initial Boiling Process, everybody’s been coming around asking, “Do you smell something burning?” I dunno what that’s all about.

Anyway, while I’m waiting for the timer to go off here, I thought I’d better spend a little time designing the Official Labels that I’m gonna put on the can that I’m gonna pour this stuff into. Personally, I think I’ve come up with an Official Label that could possibly win next year’s Fermented Nectar Festival that’s beeing held in Narka, Kansas next year (right next to that Egg Candling Factory I’m sure everybody remembers is there).

I can’t wait.

Oh geeeeze. My Timer just went off. I gotta go deal with that, right after I finish unrolling this thing of Wax Paper I just found.

I hope everybody has a satisfyingly festive day!

I’ll see ya’ later!

Monday has arrived...

Monday, August 29, 2016

Somebody pinch me. (But not too hard. I don’t want to bee injured here, ya know.) Anyway… I can’t beelieve it! It can’t already bee Monday already, can it? It’s like some kind of dream come true, ya’ know? I’ll bet my BeePs are all as excited as I am about this, right? I thought so.

So during Kevin’s (my Illegitimate Nephew’s) Birthday Party on Saturday, Rudy grabbed my wing and told me he needed to talk to me about something important. As it turned out, he wanted to talk to me about my beeing in charge of providing Refreshments for all the Bee Kazzzzoo Band & Orchestra Rehearsals.

I’m so excited. I’m the perfect bee for this job. (I attended a Seminar once about learning all about Meeting Planning and, of course, I focused my attention on Section 7: Refreshments. You could say that Refreshments are my specialty, probably.

I told him I was incredibly honoured, but he just said, “Yeah, well…don’t bee. Nobody elth can do it right now, tho you have to. And pleath, Georgthie Bee, don’t meth thith up.”

I told him that OF COURSE I won’t mess this up, since Quality Refreshments are essential at any successful and productive Rehearsal and, as he already mostly knows, I’m not only highly qualified and completely trustworthy to see that this Important Task is accomplished with an unprecedented degree of success, probably.

So I came up with a brilliant idea: Fermented Nectar Shots, and Royal HoneyChew Krisp Cookies!


It’s gonna bee perfect.

I’m gonna visit the Hive Library. There’s a book on Advanced Nectar Fermentation Techniques that I wanna check out - and I hafta return my copy of “To Kill a Hummingbird”, which mostly might bee overdue.

Also, it won’t bee much longer beefore the Cool Season starts, so I wanna bee sure I’m ready with a huge supply of delicious and warming Fermented Nectar to help me get through all those chilly days. (Usually, I just go out and buy that stuff, but somebody told me that if you really want the best, most nutritious and effective Fermented Nectar, you hafta make it yourself.) That means I can kill two birds with one stone! (Not that I’m gonna do that…I’m not gonna go kill two birds, and I don’t beelieve in throwing stones…it’s a saying I learned from one of my Beeps that means that I can get two things done at the same time. There will bee no birds harmed in any of this.)

So I’m gonna do that. I’m gonna go get that Instruction Book, then spend the rest of the afternoon making my first Batch. I’m sure it’s gonna bee delicious.

This is a huge responsibility, so I’m sorry I can’t just keep standing around, chatting like this. I hafta go.

I hope everybody has a mystifyingly satisfying day!

I’ll see ya’ later!

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