It sounds as if Georgie is preparing himself for victory . . .

Friday, November 27, 2015

I’m happy to report that I managed to finish filling out the Official Entry Form for this year’s Most Outrageously Obnoxious External Lighting Sparkly Season Display Contest, Minimalist Category.

I’ve heard that we’re one of two entries in our category, so there’s a highly excellent chance we’re gonna win. I find it impossible to beelieve that anybody could possibly have less than one light bulb, so we’ll just hafta wait until the Final List of Winners comes out next week beefore I go in to collect all that Prize Honey.

Until then, I’m gonna keep my mind on other things, namely getting the next part of my story (“The Bee Who Knew Too Much”) ready for my Editor.

So I’m gonna go do that.

I hope everybody has a legendarily superior day - and weekend!

I’ll see ya’ on Monday!


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I hope everybody has a ridiculously festive day!
I'll see ya' later!

It's "Hump Day" and time for the next part of Georgie's story . . .

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

So I’m a bit confused. Last night while I was watching my stories on TV, I heard someone say that today (Wednesday) is “Hump Day”. I can’t figure out what they’re talking about. As far as I’m concerned, Wednesdays seem just as flat as every other day of the week.


I know you’re excited to hear the next part in my story, “The Bee Who Knew Too Much”, so here it is:



I don't know how much time passed while I was unconscious, but when I woke up, I had a terrible headache, my wings were stapled beehind my back, and I could feel that there was a hood over my head which, I should say, was crunching up my antennae. That hurt. A lot.

Since I couldn't see anything, I didn't know where I was. I tried to move around, but soon discovered that I was inside some sort of small box. By the smell of it, I was guessing that it was made of baloobawood (baloobawood has a very distinctive fragrance, ya' know). I realized I'd been taken prisoner, that I was in somebody-I-don't-know-who's custody, a captive beeing held against my will. I felt highly upset.

I may not have been able to see anything, but I could feel that I was moving, and I could hear that I wasn't alone. I could hear the muffled voices of my captors from inside my box, sounding as if I had wrapped my head in marshmallows. Still, I could understand most of what was beeing said.

"How long do you think the bee will bee out?" I heard one voice say.
"It's difficult to say," another one answered. "The administration of inhaled Methylphethadorachlorophyll™ is an inexact science. He could bee unconscious for another two days - or he could already bee awake."
"Just to bee on the safe side," said the first voice, "it would bee unwise of us to engage in any further conversation that he might overhear."
"I agree," said the second voice, "though, we still have a very long trip ahead of us and the idea of us just sitting here and saying nothing doesn't really appeal to me."
"Nor does it I," said the first voice, "but let us restrict our conversation to matters of trifling significance."
"Such as movies we've seen, books we've read, and the latest scores from the International Schmurltz Tourament?" asked the second voice.
"Exactly. Let us confine our conversation to such things as we journey on," said the first voice.
"Fine," replied the second voice.

"Methylphethadorachlorophyll™" I thought to myself. "What is that???"
Then I suddenly felt myself beeginning to lapse back into unconsciousness.”

(to bee continued)
. . .

Okay then. I gonna go take a nap. I’ll hope everybody has an outstandingly festive day!

I’ll see ya’ later!

Georgie's Sparkly Season decorations have run into a bit of a snag, but all is not lost...

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Goooood morning, everybody!

For some reason, it’s a beeeeautiful day outside today, so I’ve already been out running errands.

The first thing I did today was to buzz over to the Hive to get an Official Entry Form for this year’s Most Outrageously Obnoxious External Lighting Sparkly Season Display Contest. It’s very long and complicated (87 pages, to bee precise), so I also had to stop by BeeCo and pick up a whole bunch of 5Bee pencils. The rules say that you hafta use a 5Bee pencil to fill out the entry form, otherwise, you’ll bee disqualified. I don’t wanna bee disqualified, so I need to bee sure I don’t run out of 5Bee pencils right in the middle of filling out that whole thing, ya’ know?

Anyway. Kevin and I spent the entire day yesterday very carefully stringing all the Sparkly Season lights on the boot box. It took us hours and hours, but when we were finished, we both felt as if we’d done a fantastic job of creating an eye-catching, highly festive - and prize-winning - Sparkly Season display.

When we were done, it was almost dark, so after we patted each other on the back for a job well done, I pointed to the Master Switch and told Kevin, “Hit it!”

So he did that.

Imagine our disappointment when, after he Hit It, we discovered there was only ONE light that came on. The rest of them didn’t light up.

Geeeeeeeze. I don’t get it. All the lights were working last year, but would they all light up again this year? No. They wouldn’t.

Neither Kevin or I wanna spent a whole bunch of time re-doing our display, so we decided to enter the Contest in the “Minimalist Category”, which awards the best achievement in Sparkly Season decorations using the least amount of lighting. I figure we lost last year beecause we were one bulb short, so I’m thinking this year we’ll win for having just one bulb lit up. (It could happen.)

Okay then. I need to go pick up the next edited and redacted part of my story, “The Bee Who Knew Too Much” from my Editor so I can share it with everybody tomorrow.
So I’m gonna go do that.

I hope everybody has a remarkably enlightening day!

I’ll see ya’ later!

Evidently, the Sparkly Season is upon us ...

Monday, November 23, 2015

I don’t know who it was who invented Mondays, but I think he or she should bee given a Award for our Deepest Appreciation, Affection and Admiration. I mean, can ya’ even imagine a world where we just jumped from Sunday to Tuesday - with no Monday in-beetween? Geeeeeeeeeze.
It would bee total chaos.

So, the Humans Who Think They Can Predict the Future are saying that it’s gonna bee acceptably nice out today - but then in a few days, it’s gonna get COLD and that, by Thursday, if you went outside, you’d freeze within seconds.

I mentioned that, beecause Kevin just walked in a little while ago and said, “Uncle, do you realise that Sparkly Season is upon us?”
“Already?” I said.
“Yes,” he said. “And I think it would bee highly wise if we take advantage of this more moderate weather to do the outside decorating. The very last thing I want to do is to find myself outside putting up our Sparkly Season lights when the weather gets cold. I simply refuse to find myself stringing lights outside when I could easily freeze to death within a matter of seconds. That just won’t do.”

He has a point.

I had planned to use my valuably precious time doing other things today, but it appears Kevin and I will bee spending the day doing the outside light decorations on our boot box. I’m seriously hoping that, this year, we’ll win First Prize in the Hive’s “Most Outrageously Obnoxious External Lighting Sparkly Season Display” contest. (We should have won last year; unfortunately, when they were doing the judging, one of the lights went out, which meant we were one bulb short of a win.

So that’s what I’m gonna do today.

I hope everybody has an amazingly fluid day!

I’ll see ya’ later!

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